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November/December 2022
Volume 43, Issue 10™ Offers Affordable, Well-Supported Path to Digital Dentistry

Dentists know they are doing something right when patients bring their neighbors into the practice, Joshua Prentice, DDS, suggests. "When your customers have a good experience, they tell all their friends and family about you," says the Bend, Oregon, private practitioner.

"Recently we did a crown for a patient, and she loved her experience. She said her neighbor told her he just had a crown put in and had a less-than-ideal experience. It turned out he needed another crown, so this time he came to our office. We did a digital scan, no physical impression, and he was able to leave and go run errands while we manufactured the same-day crown in our office. He came back, we put the crown on, no adjustments were needed, and the results were excellent. Now he's a raving fan of our office!"

A major key to Prentice's successful office workflow is the use of the In-Office Solution and Scanning Solution from Glidewell, which allows him to provide same-visit dentistry with a wide range of restorative materials, he notes.

Having had the opportunity to use many different digital scanners throughout his career, Prentice says the is "one of the most advanced intraoral scanners available. I have been very impressed with its speed and accuracy. I also appreciate that there are wired and wireless options. The battery life on the wireless model is terrific and is never a concern in my daily workflow. The open-system scanner itself is very lightweight and easy to use, and the scanning software is compelling and offers many powerful applications."

Prentice says the cost of implementing Glidewell's digital system was well worth the outcome. "Another impressive takeaway is the price point of the Many scanners provide the latest technology, however the cost of the makes it more accessible to dentists looking to get into digital dentistry and digital impressions," he explains. "Time and material saved will more than cover the cost of the scanner. The and digital impressions allow for more comprehensive treatment planning and the latest in-office manufacturing workflows."

Glidewell's Scanning Solution, powered by Medit's award-winning scanning technology, is ideal for clinicians who want to bring an affordable, straightforward path to digital dentistry into their office. Additionally, the is well-supported by Glidewell, and many resources are available for additional training opportunities, Prentice says. "And it may even lead dentists to new discoveries within their practice."

"Digital impressions allow you to see things you have never seen. Digital dentistry can be humbling. Seeing your work magnified on a 27-inch screen at 40x magnification provides an opportunity to better your skills. Ultimately, this level of evaluation and critiquing will improve your dentistry."

Joshua Prentice, DDS
Private Practice, Bend, Oregon


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