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February 2022
Volume 43, Issue 2

Natural Elegance® Premium Composite: Ease of Handling, Excellent Esthetics, and Economical

Alan F. Robinson, DDS, MAGD, of Clinton Township, Michigan, will reach a major milestone this June: 40 years in private practice, and over this time he has witnessed firsthand countless advances in dental products and technology.

"The instruments and materials we have today are awesome," he exclaims. "I constantly marvel at how much better the practice of dentistry currently is overall. The dental profession has definitely gone high tech!"

Robinson is the owner/dentist at Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry, and he also serves as a consulting staff member at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, both in Clinton Township. During his four decades of practicing in the Wolverine State, he has accomplished many "firsts," including being Michigan's first dentist certified as a diplomate with the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants (IAMDI) and being the first US dentist to hold diplomate status in both the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and IAMDI. The accomplished dental practitioner maintains a relatively simple approach to his professional success and happiness: "Embrace change. It makes the future exciting!"

One way he practices this philosophy himself is by sampling new products and materials to make sure he is utilizing the best options for his patients. One product he says has made a big impression on him is Natural Elegance® Premium Universal Composite from Henry Schein Brand. While indicated use is for both posterior and anterior fillings, Robinson has found this composite also to be effective with other procedures.

"I started using Natural Elegance because of its lower cost to do quick-sculpt temporaries over implants in extraction/immediate placement cases, where the temporary needed to last several months during healing," he says. "I now use it for almost all of my implant temporaries and also many traditional crown-and-bridge temporaries. My patients are impressed with it-they often say they would be fine with the temporary as their permanentcrown, as it looks like their own original tooth!"

Natural Elegance Premium Composite features a unique mix of photoinitiators, which helps to provide no significant color change before and after light curing; strong mechanical properties due to improved polymerization; and more brightness and wear resistance, according to the manufacturer.

Robinson lauds the cost savings of using Natural Elegance along with the added benefits of shade predictability, a long-lasting smooth surface, wear resistance, and high shine. "I was amazed at the ease of handling and excellent esthetics in a very affordable composite material," he says. "We all have our favorites in material, but with rising costs of production, I highly recommend my peers strongly consider switching to Natural Elegance Premium for all their composite needs, as it is an excellent material and a great value."

Alan F. Robinson, DDS, MAGD
Private Practice, Clinton
Township, Michigan

Henry Schein Brand

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