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April 2023
Volume 44, Issue 4

Solo Practitioner Puts Trust in Henry Schein Channels(R) NiTi Files

As an associate clinician right out of dental school, David Blanchard, DDS, "got tired of using whatever my assistants put in my hands, and I always wondered what else was possible," he says. Today, solo practice ownership affords Blanchard the opportunity to try new, innovative products that have opened up a world of possibilities. And he credits, in part, a somewhat surprising source for his inspiration.

"Without my two main Henry Schein reps, I simply would not be anywhere close to where I am today in my career," says Blanchard, a 2014 University of Michigan School of Dentistry graduate who has his own private practice in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. "They both ultimately helped convince me to buy my own practice-the best decision I've ever made. They gave me confidence in the process and were instrumental in helping me iron out every detail along the way. Now, they help me continue to innovate, train, and stay on the cutting edge."

For Blanchard, this means utilizing a range of new products and technology to meet the various needs of his patients. "I want to become a true jack-of-all-trades dentist, which is an enormous undertaking when try­ing to match the standard of care set by specialists," says the general practitioner.

An example of products that his representatives exposed him to is Henry Schein's new endodontic NiTi files line, Channels®. The line was developed for the quality and performance needed in a complete endodontic sequence, including access, shaping, and obturation.

"[In the past] I have reviewed multiple files I did not like, but I was extremely impressed with both the Channels FLEX rotary file system as well as the Channels ONE reciprocating file system. It seems that industry manufacturing standards and material innovation have finally coalesced to create a golden opportunity for specialists and GPs alike looking to switch and save without sacrificing quality or outcome."

The constant-tapered shape of Henry Schein's NiTi rotary files has a variable pitch that promotes cutting effectiveness and adaptability, which Blanchard appreciates. Depending on the clinician's preference, the files can be used in either a crown-down or step-back approach.

The Channels FLEX and Channels One files feature advanced metallurgy technology that enhances file flexibility capable of 90-degree curves and offers high resistance to cyclic fatigue. The files' reduced bounce-back helps preserve the canal anatomy. "Feeling the flexibility [of the Channels NiTi files] in and out of the canal, I can imagine file separation would be exceedingly rare. I'm very impressed with these files," Blanchard exclaims.

"Any provider who wants to increase efficiency from both a clinical and business perspective would be wise to consider a simplified endo sequence with reliable and safe files," he says. "Henry Schein has delivered two winners here."

David Blanchard, DDS
Private Practice,
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Henry Schein Brand

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