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October 2021
Volume 42, Issue 9

Versatile, Easy-to-Use All-Bond Universal® Provides Effective, Predictable Protocol

Johan Figueira, DDS, a private practitioner who focuses on comprehensive dentistry, has a straightforward philosophy about phone calls from patients: "In your practice the phone should ring for (1) new patients, and (2) congratulations to your team, but never for complaints of sensitivity!"

This is one reason why Figueira is a proponent of All-Bond Universal® from BISCO, a universal dental adhesive that can be used with direct and indirect restorations. "I have been using All-Bond Universal for almost 5 years. In my practice, we have seven clinicians doing bonding the whole day. We love All-Bond Universal because the protocol is more predictable than ‘total-etch.' Nobody is etching dentin in my practice, so there are zero sensitivity complaints."

Figueira started using BISCO bonding products when he entered dentistry in 2011, he says. Aftergraduating from the School of Dentistry at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas in 2009, he was accepted into the Esthetic Restorative Program at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry the following year. There he studied under the leadership of pre-eminent prosthodontist and master ceramist, Dr. Edward McLaren, and upon graduating became an instructor at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry and continued teaching for 7 years.

It was in that timeframe that Figueira, who relies heavily on digital technology in his practice, including CAD/CAM, intraoral scanners, and 3D printers, was introduced to BISCO products. "All-Bond Universal is ideal for my practice," he says. In addition to the predictable protocol, he notes that the adhesive is versatile and easy to use. "The mild pH makes it compatible with all cements on the market, and it does not need an activator."

The single-bottle universal adhesive may be used in whichever mode clinicians prefer, be it self-, total-, or selective-etch, and can be applied on either wet, dry, or moist tooth structure. Also, All-Bond Universal is com­patible with any light-, self-, or dual-cure composite material, according to the manufacturer. The adhesive requires light-curing. Figueira suggests using a high-quality light-curing unit, such as Ultradent's VALO, 3M's Elipar, Bluephase® Style from Ivoclar Vivadent, or Celalux® 3 from VOCO.

Figueira, who has presented numerous lectures and hands-on clinics in about 30 different countries and has his own continuing education center where he says he trains more than 250 dentists per year, believes it is crucial for clinicians to be able to "trust in your bonding, even with zirconia."

"I really trust in my bonding every time I put All-Bond Universal into the mouth of a patient. My debonding rate is 0%, and I actually give patients a 10-year guarantee certificate with my veneers," he boasts.

"My patients know I love BISCO products," he says, stating that in addition to All-Bond Universal he uses other BISCO materials, such as TheraCal® LC, a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate for use in direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner, and TheraCem®, a durable cement for indirect restorations that delivers a strong bond to zirconia and most other substrates. "The ‘Thera' family of products rocks!"

Pleasing patients, Figueira intimates, is especially important in this era of social media. "They see your stories and reviews every day. They need to feel comfortable that the dentist is using great products in patients' mouths." With BISCO products, he knows he has this assurance.


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