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January 2012
Volume 33, Issue 1

DenMat’s Cerinate One-hour™ Permanent Veneers Make Porcelain Smile Makeovers Affordable

Of all the everyday concerns of dental patients, the most commonly desired treatment goal is “white teeth,” says Brian Hulan, Marketing Director for DenMat. In today’s marketplace, consumers are barraged with all kinds of whitening options, most of which offer something well short of a permanent solution. While the dental profession clearly understands this, clinicians also know that many patients just cannot afford the permanence provided by a smile makeover using porcelain veneers, with costs traditionally ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, or even more than $20,000, according to Hulan.

What patients need, Hulan asserts, is a more affordable smile makeover option—one that features minimal-preparation porcelain veneers, no laboratory fees, and the possibility of treatment in a single appointment.

While this may sound like only a dream, Eric Relyea, DenMat’s Vice President of Marketing, states that Cerinate One-hour™ Permanent Veneers from DenMat represent just such a paradigm shift. Fabricated in Cerinate® porcelain, One-hour Veneers allow the clinician to preserve healthy tooth structure while providing the opportunity to custom-finish each case. They’re pre-formed, contact-lens-thin veneers, and are fitted to the patient’s dentition chairside, allowing many patients to receive the permanent, minimally invasive treatment in one visit. Even better, says Relyea, “the affordable price of Cerinate One-hour Veneers is key to why the product is gaining popularity.”

“Patients who had previously considered veneers to be out of their price range are rethinking it,” says Hulan. “What’s essentially happening with Cerinate One-hour Veneers is that dentists are able to treat patients looking for a smile makeover, but who might have remained untreated in the past due to cost. It’s not about whitening as much as it is about providing a long-term solution to whatever it is about their smile that patients want to change, including intrinsic staining, diastema cases, and other conditions unaffected by whitening.” The cost for individual One-hour Veneers is under $30 per unit.

Hulan goes on to suggest that patients preparing for a big event such as a wedding or job interview and “want to upgrade their appearance quickly for a reasonable amount of money” are also excellent candidates.

“Cerinate One-hour Permanent Veneers give dentists a new esthetic option for their patients,” says Relyea. “We know that price can be a barrier to smile makeover case acceptance. Now, many more patients are able to choose to have a beautiful, new smile. The fact that this can be accomplished in about an hour makes this product even more compelling.”

With its array of whitening products, DenMat is able to accommodate a wide assortment of patient preferences and needs. The company offers traditional tray bleaching and chairside methods with LUMIBRITE™ whitening products. When combined with DenMat’s Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Curing and Whitening Light, the LUMIBRITE Chairside system is clinically proven to whiten teeth in less than an hour without the use of UV rays, according to the company. Additionally, Hulan says that Snap-On Smile® removable arches provide options for patients who are missing teeth, or for whom other whitening alternatives may not be optimal.

“The whitening market has changed dramatically in the past two decades,” comments Relyea. “Take-home whitening has significantly gained in popularity with reduced treatment times, and the advent of chairside whitening has changed a lot of things for the practice as well,” he explains.

According to Relyea, it’s the permanence of the Cerinate One-hour procedure that is the deciding factor in why many patients are choosing the veneers. Relyea believes that Cerinate veneers appeal particularly to patients who have already experienced some form of whitening procedure but were dissatisfied with the results. “This includes patients who did not get the level of whitening they expected, or experienced sensitivity, or were unhappy with the upkeep required to maintain their results.”

Beyond affordability, the one-appointment convenience of One-hour Veneers appeals to both clinicians and patients alike. Once the patient has chosen this treatment option, the clinical procedure requires no reduction of sensitive tooth structure and is a painless one. After appropriate shade and shape have been determined, the individual veneers are simply finished and seated.

Everything a clinician needs to get started with Cerinate One-hour Veneers, including veneer sizes and shades, is provided in the office kit. There are no laboratory fees, and patients can typically be assured of same-day delivery. If the clinician prefers, for an additional fee the DenMat lab can adjust Cerinate Express Veneers in 48 hours from receipt of the patient’s model.

DenMat provides many continuing education opportunities for clinicians who wish to perform Cerinate One-hour Veneer procedures. “We support a comprehensive educational curriculum through the American Society for Clinical Research, which includes hands-on courses addressing Cerinate One-hour Permanent Veneers, LUMINEERS® , and the full range of options that DenMat offers from both a practice management and a clinical standpoint,” says Relyea. DenMat regularly hosts courses that involve training on the One-hour veneer products and techniques, as well as informing clinicians how to adopt the system and bring it into their practice.

“Everyone wants a white smile,” says Hulan, “and I think that through Cerinate One-hour Permanent Veneers DenMat is giving dentists a chance to provide a permanently beautiful smile more affordably than ever before.”

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