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March 2014
Volume 35, Issue 3

DenMat’s New Splash!®Max VPS Impression Material: Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

DenMat Product Manager Hilary Brown believes that traditional impression materials are not headed for extinction, just yet. “Even though digital impression systems are a growing part of the market, only about 15% of dentists had digital capability in 2013,” she states. “The transition from traditional methods is going to be gradual as dentists take time to evaluate their options for technology advances.”

The decision to make this transition, Brown surmises, will be based on several factors, including: the costs involved in the initial investment of digital technology; the steep learning curve; monthly service fees; and the commitment to a specific milling system. “All of these are important considerations,” she notes.

Drs. Cherilyn Sheets and Jean Wu, private practitioners in Newport Beach, CA, feel the same way. They predict a large number of dentists will continue to stick with familiar methods into the foreseeable future. Thus, demand for high-quality vinylpolysiloxane (VPS) impression materials, such as DenMat’s new Splash!®Max, will continue. “In addition to providing excellent impressions, convenience, and a patient-friendly berry flavor, SplashMax offers these benefits at a competitive price, suiting the needs of our practice,” Sheets affirms.

What sets SplashMax apart, according to Brown, is not just that it is hydrophilic—as are most VPS materials—but the differentiator is when it becomes hydrophilic. “Most materials become hydrophilic as they set over a long period of time, but SplashMax was developed to be hydrophilic within seconds. You need the material to be hydrophilic as soon as it touches the tooth surface, not when the material is already polymerized,” she says. “This is extremely important in order to produce an accurate impression in the presence of moisture.”

Brown cites independent testing at a major research university demonstrating that SplashMax is the most hydrophilic VPS impression material, achieving the lowest contact angle in the shortest amount of time among popular competing materials. “SplashMax surpassed leading competitors in tear strength and offers excellent dimensional accuracy, a thixotropic consistency, with ideal flow properties, and high-contrast colors for maximum contrast,” she maintains. Its low contact angle combined with high tear strength and 99.9% recovery after stretching and compression results in highly detailed and accurate impressions, delivering maximum performance in a VPS impression material, with fewer retakes, she notes.

Sheets and Wu confirm, both agreeing that “The material was easy to extrude, the Lite Body had great flowability, and the detail was excellent. We are excited to become everyday SplashMax users.”

As noted, SplashMax offers clinicians a high-quality VPS impression material at a practical price. “We recognize that affordability is important for our customers, so we developed and offer a superior material at a more affordable price,” Brown says. Adding to the savings, she continues, is the reduction in retakes and chair time due to the product’s unique super-hydrophilic VPS formulation, providing clinicians maximum performance and extraordinary quality.

SplashMax is offered in four viscosities (Extra Lite, Lite, Medium, Heavy), four high-contrast colors, and two set times (2:15 and 4:30) to accommodate all types of quadrants and full-mouth preparations. Two cartridge delivery options are available: 50 mL and 360 mL. Brown suggests that customers who wish to learn more about this product should visit The website includes a hydrophilicity video demonstrating that SplashMax achieves the lowest contact angle in a matter of seconds compared with two leading competitor products.

“Digitization is here, but we expect the demand for impressions to continue to rise as the Baby Boomer generation’s need for more restorative dental care increases,” Brown says. In the meantime, while clinicians evaluate the impact and feasibility of digitizing in their practice, she expects dentists to be in the market for affordable, high-quality VPS materials that are more comfortable for patients, with faster setting times and a better taste.“These superior impression materials allow dentists to save time and effort by getting their impressions right the first time,” Brown concludes.

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