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Table of Contents

Compendium January 2012 Cover
January 2012
Volume 33, Issue 1

The Voice

Materials Continue to Expand Dentistry’s Options

Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD

pp 80

Continuing Education

Is Total Etch Dead? Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Gary Alex, DMD

pp 12-25; quiz 26

Considerations for Proper Selection of Dental Cements

James F. Simon, DDS, MSEd, Laura A. Darnell, DDS, PhD

pp 28-35; quiz 36

Clinical Updates

Composite Resin: A Versatile, Multi-Purpose Restorative Material

Robert Margeas, DDS

pp 42-45

Zirconia: A Proven, Durable Ceramic for Esthetic Restorations

Russell Giordano II, DMD, CAGS, DMSc

pp 46-49

Chairside CAD/CAM: An Overview of Restorative Material Options

Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS, ABGD

pp 50-58

Provisional Materials: Key Components of Interim Fixed Restorations

Ronald D. Perry, DMD, MS, Britta Magnuson, DMD

pp 59-62

An Update on Lithium Disilicate Restorations

Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT

pp 64-67

Special Report

Pre-Bleaching Examination Essential for Optimum Tooth Whitening

Van B. Haywood, DMD

pp 72-73

DenMat’s Cerinate One-hour™ Permanent Veneers: Affordable Whitening that Needs No Retreatment

pp 74-75

Listening to Customers Drives Innovation at Ultradent Products, Inc

pp 76-77

Online Only

Two-Year Evaluation Indicates Zirconia Bridges Acceptable Alternative to PFMs

Ronald D. Perry, DMD, MS, Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD, Shradha Sharma, BDS, DMD, Susana Ferreira, DMD, Britta Magnuson, DMD

e 1-5

Plaque Formation and Marginal Gingivitis Associated with Restorative Materials

Luis A. Litonjua, DMD, DDS, MS, Leyvee L. Cabanilla, DDS, MSD, Lawrence J. Abbott, DDS, MBA

e 6-10

Dental Root Resorption: A Review of the Literature and a Proposed New Classification

Robert J. Kanas, DDS, Scott J. Kanas

e 11-25

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