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Inside Dentistry
November 2021
Volume 17, Issue 11


1. Injections, including palatal ones, can be carried out without the patient feeling discomfort or pain

2. The use of standard needles and cartridges with no additional special consumables makes the system incredibly cost-effective

3. The excellent finger support allows the needle to be kept perfectly still in situ during injections

4. Optimized injection technique requires no finger power, avoiding strain on muscles and joints

5. The system controls the flow rate, which ensures a smooth and gentle dose of anesthesia

"My primary reason for adopting Calaject was to improve my own comfort and ergonomics, which allows me to practice longer and stronger than I was able to before while also delivering the most comfortable injections possible for my patients."

Brett Gilbert, DDS
Chicago, Illinois


all dental local anesthesia with programs for intraligamental and palatal injections, infiltrations, and regional nerve blocks.

Includes: control unit (battery powered), handpiece, handpiece holder, foot switch, autoclavable cartridge barrels (6), charger, and maintenance kit.

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