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Digital Imaging Articles

  • Classification System for Root-Surface Quality

    Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, Dona R. Roberts, RDH, Robert J. Chapman, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - January 2012

    This course discusses a new classification system for the remineralization of root surfaces

  • The Evolution of Implantology

    Barry P. Levin, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - October 2011

    Review of the state of implantology, including recent advancements and what's on the horizon

  • Shade Matching

    Chad J. Anderson, MS, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    2011 technology update on shade matching including techniques and available colors

  • Image Guidance in Implant Dentistry

    Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD, Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    2011 technology update on image guidance in implant dentistry

  • Cone Beam CT

    Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, DSc
    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    2011 update on cone-beam technology

  • Digital Radiography

    Claudio M. Levato, DDS, FACD
    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    Technology update exploring digital radiographic sensors with CMOS chip and technology

  • 2011 Technology Update

    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    How new developments are impacting dentists, patients, and the profession

  • A Perspective on Digital Radiography

    Jeffrey A. Watson, DDS
    Inside Dentistry - June 2011

    Converting to digital technology holds many benefits for treatment planning, acceptance, and completion

  • Using Computer-Guided Implant Surgery to Achieve Predictable Treatment Outcomes

    Barry P. Levin, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - May 2011

    Static-template, computer-guided implant-surgery can improve patient outcomes compared to more traditional methods

  • Early Discovery, Assessment, and Diagnosis

    Scott D. Benjamin, DDS
    Inside Dentistry - April 2011

    Advanced diagnostic technologies are the foundation of oral health

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