Table of Contents


Building Bridges for Peace Through Oral Healthcare


A Tradition of Supporting Dental Education in the Middle East

D. Walter Cohen, DDS

Editor's Letter

Nourishing the Future: 60 Years of Dedication Intertwined with Excellence in Dental Education and Research

Adam Stabholz, DMD,


Orthodontic-Associated Localized Gingival Recession of Lower Incisors: Who Should Treat It?

Ayala Stabholz, DMD, Stella Chaushu, DMD, PhD

Toward Salivary Gland Stem Cell Regeneration

Doron J. Aframian, DMD, PhD, Aaron Palmon, DMD, PhD, Yoav Neumann, MSc, Ran David, MD, PhD, Raluca Stiubea-Cohen, MSc

From Maximally to Minimally Invasive Surgery for Sinus Floor Augmentation

Lior Shapira, DMD, PhD, David Polak, DMD, PhD

Existing Concepts and a Search for Evidence: A Review On Implant Occlusion

Ami Smidt, DMD, MSc, BMedSc, Eldad Sharon, DMD, MSc, BMedSc, Orith Haramaty, DMD, Mordechai Lipovetsky-Adler, DMD, BMedSc, Gilad Ben-Gal, DMD, MSc, BMedSc

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