Special Issues
August 2019
Volume 15, Issue 8

Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD

Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD, and his staff are committed to improving patients' results and are dedicated to the highest standards of care in the restoration and replacement of teeth. As a prosthodontist, he is a specialized dentist with advanced training in the treatment of crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, complete dentures (conventional or CAD/CAM), partial dentures, snoring and sleep disorders, TMD or other jaw joint problems, and some other congenital conditions that affect the mouth. For dentures, he uses the Ivoclar Digital Denture System.

1. What were you looking for in a digital denture system?

I am committed to excellence and focused on providing all my patients with the best quality and an exceptional experience. To that end, the Ivoclar Digital Denture System and the innovative materials the system uses help me provide my patients with the finest complete dentures that dentistry can offer in terms of quality of materials, fit, stability, retention, and esthetics.

2. How has this system fit into your workflow?

The Ivoclar Digital Denture System offers a three-appointment workflow that reduces the chairside visits of the patient while providing a high-quality milled prosthetic and a more costeffective complete denture. If the patient loses the denture, a repository of digital data allows for rapid fabrication of a replacement denture by the clinician.

3. What has been the most surprising part about this system?

The use of a prepolymerized disk of PMMA for the fabrication of the dentures produces prosthetics that are dense, with less residual monomer. The dense material also reduces the potential for the base material to harbor bacteria, the cause of Candida albicans in complete denture wearers. Studies have shown that digital dentures have superior strength when compared to conventional complete dentures. They also have improved physical properties. In addition, the esthetic results obtained with these milled dentures are exceptional.

4. What have the results been?

The results with the Ivoclar Digital Denture System have been outstanding. The delivered dentures are highly esthetic, with an excellent quality and amazing fit, stability, and retention—and, of course, a satisfied patient.

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