September 2010
Volume 3, Issue 0

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Corporate Training Philosophy

Training & Education

The Importance of Continuous Learning
Nobel Biocare offers a full range of training and educational events, from courses to help improve basic implantology and restorative skills to more advanced programs for experienced professionals. These programs are designed to help clinicians integrate Nobel Biocare products and solutions into their dental professional practices.

Throughout all Nobel Biocare’s programs, the emphasis is on learning and practicing the skills clinicians need to offer patients the best and most efficient solutions.

For All Levels of Experience

Nobel Biocare acknowledges the profound importance of continuing education and training for all dental professionals, both starting and advanced users. Therefore, Nobel Biocare provides a nationwide network of comprehensive individualized dental education courses and training support for all of its products and solutions—from undergraduate programs in partnership with leading universities to a full range of post-graduate courses and professional training programs—covering all stages of professional development.

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