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Inside Dental Hygiene
October 2023

Perio Armor™ Oral Cleansing Gel

1. 1.7% hydrogen peroxide formula effectively breaks down and kills bacteria to help protect against gum disease.

2. Cleans dead matter to allow for better tissue and sore recovery.

3. Non-invasive periodontal tray solution that easily enters the sulcus and goes where flossing and brushing can't.

4. Promotes gentle tooth whitening and a fresh breath after each use.

5. Unique flavors-including strawberry, bubblegum, and mint.

"Hydrogen peroxide is a longtime staple in wound care, but dental professionals have yet to fully tap into its many benefits. Gingi-Pak's Perio Armor is an affordable, effective oral cleansing gel that enhances in-office therapeutic periodontal care. Patients will love their experience with this H2O2 gel. In as little as 15 minutes a day, gum disease doesn't stand a chance."

Bethany Montoya, BAS, RDH


Three flavors: strawberry, mint, and bubblegum

• 1.7% hydrogen peroxide formula

• Made in the United States • 800-437-1514

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