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Inside Dental Hygiene
April 2024

Toothbrushes, Flosses, and Rinses

Inside Dental Hygiene (IDH): What are patients looking for in toothbrushes today?

Cheryl Calmis, RDH, BS, Med: One recent trend I have observed is patients wanting electric toothbrushes that are travel friendly. Toothbrushes that are USB compatible and have a long-lasting battery life are very good options in that regard. I also recommend considering the bristle design; many of the newer ones hug the teeth more closely. Other than that, patients are less concerned with specific features than they are with price and results. They want an affordable option that will produce the same results as the more expensive options.

IDH:What trends are you observing in flossing?

Calmis: Patients and offices that I am in contact with are increasingly embracing water flossing. There is an understanding that many patients have a hard time using traditional dental floss; often, even those who do use it do not floss well enough. So many patients are seeking an easier alternative for their interdental cleaning. The feedback I hear is that they love to see the junk come out in the sink when they use a water flosser because it empowers them. They also appreciate the ease of use.

IDH:What do patients want in a mouth rinse?

Calmis: Patients are looking for rinses with minimal ingredients. They often do not want colorings and alcohol. They want something that will be pleasant to use and will give them fresh breath with as few additives as possible. Even with anti-gingivitis rinses, patients do not want artificial flavorings or colorings or alcohol. Additionally, I recommend a rinse that is pH-neutral rather than acidic.

White Sensonic Electric Toothbrush

Experience a deeper clean that you can see and feel with the new Waterpik Sensonic rechargeable electric toothbrush. It is clinically shown to remove up to 4 times more plaque bacteria than manual brushing in hard-to-reach areas and helps protect against gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath. • 800-525-2020

Spry® Toothpaste with EnamelMax

Spry® Peppermint and Spearmint toothpastes now feature EnamelMax with xylitol to reduce adhesion of bacteria to teeth and gums; L-Arginine, which has been found to help neutralize plaque acids and reduce sensitivity; and sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP), which has been found to make enamel 33% stronger than fluoride alone. • 801-492-2100

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