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Inside Dental Hygiene
June 2023

Product Watch

BURSTkids Flossables

BURST® Oral Care has launched new BURSTkids Flossables—dental floss picks specifically created for kids aged 3 and older to make flossing fun and to make it easier for parents during brushing time. Thoughtfully designed and tested by thousands of BURST Ambassador Dental Professionals, the Flossables use high-quality, strong, and shred-resistant floss that is coated with xylitol to help fight cavities.

Allday® 5000 Dry Mouth Toothpaste

Allday® 5000 Dry Mouth Toothpaste allows you to provide a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for dry mouth patients. Just like Allday mouth-moisturizing spray and gel, Allday 5000 is saturated with 44% xylitol and has a pH of approximately 7.0. It is also SLS- and CAPB-free, utilizing a next-generation surfactant instead that is much milder on oral mucosa.

Ultracare Topical Anesthetic Gel

Ultradent has announced the return of one of its most sought-after products—Ultracare Topical anesthetic gel. The delightfully flavored 20% benzocaine oral gel is formulated for rapid, profound topical anesthesia and can be administered directly on a cotton swab for increased patient comfort.

RDH Ergo 3.0x and HDL Ergo 3.5x

Orascoptic's new Ergo loupes are available in 3.0x and 3.5x magnification levels. RDH Ergo 3.0x and HDL Ergo 3.5x implement refractive prisms to allow clinicians to sit up straight and reduce neck tilt. These loupes are focused on ergonomics. They feature deflection optics designed to improve posture without sacrificing vision.

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