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Inside Dental Hygiene
December 2023

ProMate™ EZ-Q

1. Quick-disconnect functionality. The convenient and easy-to-use quick-disconnect mechanism significantly reduces the preparation time needed between patients.

2. Enhanced maneuverability. The 360° swivel head allows for precise command over a full range of motion.

3. Compatibility. Universal prophy angle connection allows hygienists to use all their favorite prophy angle brands.

4. Reduced maintenance. Lube-free motor reduces the recurring need for maintenance over time.

5. Ergonomic build. Lightweight, stainless-steel body ensures comfort and effortless control while polishing.

The ProMate EZ-Q by Pac-Dent, Inc., is a cutting-edge, low-speed hygiene handpiece equipped with a quick-disconnect mechanism that significantly reduces preparation time between procedures. Enhancing efficiency, the ProMate EZ-Q boasts a complete 360° swivel head and wide compatibility with most prophy angle brands. The stainless-steel exterior and maintenance-reducing, lube-free motor streamline the hygiene procedure.


•360° swivel head

•Speeds up to 3,000 RPM

•Lube-free motor

•2-year warranty • 909-839-0888

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