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Inside Dental Hygiene
May 2021

Nada Pumice Paste

1. NADA Pumice Paste is ideal prior to sealants, composite bonding, and orthodontic bracket application.

2. It is more acceptable to flavor-intolerant patients. No more messing around with mixing pumice and water.

3. NADA's no oil, slightly drier, medium grit is an effective lower abrasive tough stain remover.

4.  For patients who prefer to avoid fluoride, NADA provides peace of mind.

5. There is no one-size-fits-all product, yet NADA Pumice Paste could be the best fit for many patients, especially the 50 million with allergies.

"Dentistry is no longer only about fixing teeth; dentistry is oral medicine, and now is the time to finally start truly practicing it. Nada is a Spanish word meaning nothing. This is important because Preventech's NADA® Pumice Paste contains no additives, dyes, colorants, or even fluoride."

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS


Flavoring Agents: None
Oils: None
Fluoride: None
Effect on Bond Strength: None • 800-474-8681

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