Inside Dental Assisting
Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 6, Issue 10

New Products

KÖR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Evolve Dental Technologies announced its most recent development resulting in a reduction of in-office whitening time by 50%, and even better results, with the introduction of Evolve's new Dual Accelerated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide technology. The KÖR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System is the first tooth-whitening system to use a tri-barrel design that keeps the whitening gel chemistry separated into three barrels. Critical to the KÖR Whitening system is the unique fabrication of KÖR Deep Bleaching Trays, which may be performed by dental office staff or by the KÖR Deep Bleaching Tray Laboratory. Evolve offers whitening systems for every type of patient, from patients simply wishing to whiten their teeth, to geriatric patients and even tetracycline-stained patients.

Phone: 866-763-7753 Web: http://www.KORwhitening.com

SecureFit Medical Face Masks

Crosstex International, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp and a leading US manufacturer of medical face masks, announced the launch of their newest generation of earloop medical face masks—the SecureFit series. With a patent-pending design, SecureFit earloop medical face masks enable wearers to quickly and easily adjust the mask for a more secure and customized fit. SecureFit masks are available in all three ASTM performance (fluid resistance/filtration) classifications: SecureFit Isofluid - ASTM Low Performance; SecureFit Procedural - ASTM Moderate Performance; SecureFit Ultra - ASTM High Performance.

Phone: 888-276-7783 Web: http://www.crosstex.com


Discus Dental announces the release of Hero, a new pit-and-fissure sealant featuring Embrace technology, which allows it to bond to slightly moist teeth. Hero features evidence-based technology backed by more than 6 years of research for retention and caries prevention. Hero will help deliver improved caries prevention care to patients as it provides a source for fluoride and remineralizes the teeth. Hero's unique chemistry provides exceptional bond strength without the extra time and money required for a separate bonding step. It creates a margin-free seal around pits and fissures and integrates with the tooth, creating a tough barrier against microleakage. Ideal for pediatrics, Hero's hydrophilic formula boasts low technique sensitivity and a fluoride-releasing formulation helping to achieve the same long-term protective results for each patient. Additionally, Hero is Bisphenol A free.

Phone: 800-422-9448 Web: http://www.discusdental.com


DUX Dental's new version of the Alginator combines features from popular earlier models with modern user-friendly elements, yielding an improved alginate and stone-mixing machine that creates a perfectly smooth, bubble-free impression. The Alginator is a perfect fit on any operatory counter.

Phone: 800-866-8267 Web: http://www.duxdental.com

Demi Plus LED

Kerr Corporation introduces the Demi Plus LED Light Curing System, powered by Demetron Technology and featuring a number of design enhancements, including Valox resin exterior and an advanced battery design for improved durability and performance. All Demetron light guides are compatible with the new Demi Plus.

Phone: 800-KERR-123 Web: http://www.kerrdental.com

MYDENT DEFEND® Micro Applicators

Mydent International has introduced DEFEND® Micro Applicators, the latest in its line of DEFEND disposable products. DEFEND Micro Applicators offer precise, no-drip, no-spill application of agents and solutions—even in the most difficult-to-reach areas. Offered in three sizes (super fine, fine and regular) DEFEND Micro Applicators can suspend solutions as small as 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spilling. They are available in seven (7) colors, allowing you to easily distinguish between different materials used in the same procedure.

Phone: 800-275-0020 Web: http://www.defend.com

Digital SoftX Foam Sensor Loops

Digital SoftX Foam Sensor Loops feature an adjustable loop design that provides for easy application and removal. SoftX foam loops cinch tightly for accurate, comfortable digital images; then open easily to eliminate pushing and pulling on delicate digital sensor wiring. Soft foam construction provides superior comfort, for pennies per patient. SoftX Digital Sensor Loops are available in two sizes. Size 2 fits all size 2 sensors and phosphor plates. Size 1 fits all size 0 and size 1 sensors and phosphor plates. Made in the USA.

Phone: 800-819-3336 Web: http://www.confirmmonitoring.com

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