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Special Issues
July/August 2023
Volume 44, Issue 1

Clear Aligners Achieve Moderate to Severe Anterior Cross-Bite Correction With No Refinement

Serena Ta, DDS

 30-year-old female patient presented complaining of being embarrassed and insecure about her smile. Upon examination, the patient exhibited poor oral hygiene, bleeding, deep pockets, bone loss, and heavy subgingival and supragingival calculus. There was moderate-severe crowding in her maxillary arch with severe anterior cross-bite on teeth Nos. 7 and 10. A comprehensive treatment plan was presented and included stabilizing her periodontal condition and proceeding with SureSmile® Clear Aligners (Dentsply Sirona, therapy. Clear aligner therapy was indicated over traditional brackets and wires due to hygiene concerns and the patient's existing periodontal condition. The case was completed with 35 aligners, attachments, and the adjunctive use of Chewies aligner tray seaters and SureSmile® VPro, which were included in the SureSmile Complete package. The SureSmile aligner straight trimline design over the gingiva allowed for excellent traction and retention and minimal attachments. The patient experienced no gingival discomfort and tolerated the treatment well. Her smile was aligned to completion in 11 months with good traction and without refinement. The patient's periodontal condition and oral hygiene were improved with the overall effect of treating malocclusion. Today, the patient is proactive about her oral health, exhibits a confident, healthy smile, and is currently in retention therapy with SureSmile retainers.

Key Takeaways

SureSmile Clear Aligners therapy was able to predictably treat a moderate to severe anterior cross-bite case with minimal aligners and attachments, in a relatively short time period without refinement.

SureSmile Complete Case includes the SureSmile VPro vibration device and SureSmile Whitening Kit (US only). The VPro is used 5 minutes per day to assist in aligner seating and comfort.

SureSmile Clear Aligners are exceptionally clear, exhibit very little staining, and provide an extremely positive patient experience.


About the Author
Serena Ta, DDS
Private Practice, Huntington Beach, California

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