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Special Issues
September 2022
Volume 43, Issue 3

SmileDirectClub’s Comfort Sense™ Technology Precision-Cuts Aligners for Smooth, Comfortable Fit

Payam C. Ataii, DMD, MBA

For Payam C. Ataii, DMD, MBA, any advanced technology that allows him to keep more of his clients in his care, treated competently, and happy with smile results, is technology that he will continue to offer in his practice.

"New products and technologies have streamlined protocols for general practitioners, especially in the orthodontic space by adding clear aligner regimens as part of the treatment plan," Ataii says. "Where before a patient requiring tooth movement had to be referred out, today we can provide it as a part of our own tool kit."

Ataii, who has been in private practice for more than 27 years in Laguna Hills, California, has noticed several factors contributing to the rise in clear aligner usage, including continuous product improvement and clinicians being increasingly open to the technology. "For example," he says, "aligners engineered with the new Comfort Sense technology from SmileDirectClub have made it easier for clinicians to provide better oral healthcare options to patients. We can now put together a comprehensive treatment plan that encompasses restorative and periodontal care."

Introduced last year, Smile DirectClub aligners with Com­­fort Sense technology are designed to make clear aligner treatment more comfortable and tooth movement more predictable. The patented laser technology, Ataii affirms, precision-cuts aligners for a smoother fit, which, combined with the variable thicknesses of the aligners and state-licensed doctor-prescribed and -monitored treatment plans, results in "a more comfortable fit and treatment for customers-from start to finish."

Additionally, SmileDirectClub aligners are free of bisphenol A(BPA) materials and have a matte finish to match the appearance of natural teeth. Ataii notes that aligner thickness is adjusted through doctor-driven remote monitoring, giving him "a sense of confidence that the assessed malocclusion is being addressed and that my patient's oral health outcome is predictable."

Ataii was somewhat surprised to realize that SmileDirectClub is not his competitor. "When I first started researching the SmileDirectClub Partner Network, I thought it was positioned as a competitor to GPs and orthodontists. Instead, I found SmileDirectClub to be a partner, a medium to help me provide my patients better and more open access to dental care."

SmileDirectClub gives Ataii "a well-branded option to provide affordable access to teeth straightening," he says. "The SmileDirectClub teledentistry platform includes remote treatments and regular virtual check-ins to help ensure compliance. This is definitely the next wave of dentistry's future."

Payam C. Ataii, DMD, MBA
Private Practice, Laguna Hills, California


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