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Special Issues
July/August 2016
Volume 37, Issue 3

Using a Composite Resin Veneer Template for Predictability and Efficiency

Esthetically improving a smile

It’s common for a patient with an almost perfect smile to want improvements. A 26-year-old female presented with upper congenitally missing first premolars that had been previously restored with implants at an early age. The resultant crowns were unaesthetic. The patient also had demure laterals that had been bonded, but had a slight shade discrepancy. She had small imperfections with the remaining upper anterior teeth that were likely to benefit from conservative cosmetic dentistry.

The treatment plan included the reduction of the facial surfaces of the implant crowns on teeth Nos. 4 and 12 with the intent to immediately bond composite resin to provide a more acceptable texture, shape, and shade. Because the implant for the upper-left first-premolar site was placed at an odd angle, the reduction of the facial surface of this crown was limited, although improvement was seen. At the same appointment, the upper canines, laterals, and centrals were also veneered with composite resin. To ensure uniformity of shape and contour, a composite resin veneer template (UveneerTM, Ultradent Products, Inc., was used.

Esthetically improving a smile can be accomplished conservatively using composite resins. Not only are composite resin restorations beautiful, but when done in a timely manner, they also produce significant profits for the dental office. Using the most appropriate system with a reputable bonding agent ensures their durability. Utilizing Uveneer provided predictability in the shape and contour of the restorations and allowed the case to be completed efficiently.

Key Takeaways

• Utilizing Uveneer provides predictability in the shape and contour of the restorations.

• Uveneer is a unique, minimally invasive template system that creates beautiful direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry—all in one visit.

• Each template mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality natural-looking anterior restorations.

About the Author

Jaimeé Morgan, DDS
Private Practice
Midvale, Utah

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