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April 2024
Volume 45, Issue 4

SureSmile® Aligners Help Dentist Keep Refinements to a Minimum

Joe Chichetti, DMD, says his desire to provide predictable results in the estimated timeframe is partially what led him to explore options in the clear aligner market. "My career path has led me to a focus on prosthodontics and esthetic solutions for our patients," says the Charlotte, North Carolina, practitioner. "As a result, I accept a large amount of advanced restorative cases. Learning orthodontic techniques such as clear aligners was a logical educational path, as I often need to get the teeth to a better position prior to restoration."

Knowing there are numerous clear aligner products to choose from, Chichetti, a frequent speaker at continuing dental education seminars and symposiums, is sold on SureSmile® Clear Aligners from Dentsply Sirona.

"After using one of the market leaders in aligners for almost 10 years, the switch to SureSmile has been refreshing," he says. "The predictability of shorter treatment times that I have experienced with SureSmile has made me confident in executing more complex orthodontic problems."

Chichetti made the transition to SureSmile, he says, for two main reasons: "First, I felt I was having to do too many refinements, and secondly, I wanted to leverage our existing CEREC® (Dentsply Sirona) scanners. SureSmile enabled us to maximize our existing technology and achieve more consistent outcomes, in turn leading to a significant increase in ‘word of mouth' referrals."

Fewer refinements, he says, help reduce chairtime and increase efficiency. "What sets SureSmile apart is the drama­tic decrease in treatment time," Chichetti exclaims. Data shows that 75% of SureSmile cases required no refinements.* "It makes for an amazing patient experience when aligner cases don't run over the estimated timeframes. I have found that the advanced algorithms found in the SureSmile software, the aligner material itself, and adjustable trim lines make this possible."

He adds that CBCT integration also ensures a safe orthodontic outcome. "I think the future of clear aligners revolves around aligner designs that create more surface area over the teeth to enable even more challenging movements. This, in conjunction with CBCT integration, will create increasingly efficient outcomes."

Chichetti, who has also served as appointed faculty at Wake Forest School of Medicine, encourages his peers to take advantage of online learning tools from Dentsply Sirona, including SureSmile U and Dentsply Sirona Academy. "New technology, particularly digital workflows within the CEREC ecosystem, has made my dentistry more predictable and raised overall profitability," he says.

"Every member of the Dentsply Sirona SureSmile team is first class and fully dedicated to each patient being treated with their aligners," Chichetti acknowledges.

*Based on an internal analysis in excess of 150,000 global SureSmile® aligner cases started and completed between Jan. 2021-June 2023.

Joe Chichetti, DMD
Private Practice,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dentsply Sirona

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