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June 2023
Volume 44, Issue 6

SureSmile® Clear Aligners: Ease of Use, Fewer Refinements, Better Experience

With more than 25 years' experience in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and orthodontics under his belt, Trent Smallwood, DDS, is passionate-and well versed-in sharing his knowledge with his peers. "I teach more than 30 times per year in the area of moderate to advanced clear aligner orthodontics and full-mouth reconstruction," says the founder of the Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts in Tempe, Arizona. "I feel [clear aligner treatment] will only secure a more positive and lasting market share in future dentistry. It's a mainstay and is becoming more popular and widespread with patients. The products are only getting better, more reliable, and more predictable."

Smallwood, who has a vast background in combination cases of clear aligner orthodontic and restorative therapy, recently began providing SureSmile® Clear Aligners from Dentsply Sirona. After using an established aligner brand for many years, he decided to make the switch to SureSmile for a multitude of reasons. "I have moved to SureSmile be­cause of the advanced product material, ease of use, far lower refinement rates, and a significant reduction in cost," he exclaims. "Customer service also is more helpful than I've had in the past with other clear aligner companies."

SureSmile Clear Aligners are designed using a customi­zed treatment plan developed by SureSmile Digital Lab experts and proprietary software. An auto­mated, high-precision, laser-
cutting process is used for en­­hanced comfort, and the aligner edges are ultra-smooth, whether employing a straight or scalloped trimline, the company as­serts. The straight trimline follows the gingiva at a consistent distance, which the clinician determines. A small overlap of the gingiva can have a positive effect on the force transmission and even reduce the number of necessary attachments. The scalloped trimline follows the course of the gingiva and makes the aligner less conspicuous. Additionally, a 3-year analysis showed that three out of four SureSmile cases do not need refinements, which may save chairtime and increase patient satisifaction.1

Smallwood, the author of "Platinum Paradigm" (, a book that aids dentists and ceramists in the art of smile design, says he and his patients are also impressed with the SureSmile VPro, a high-frequency vibration device that may be used just 5 minutes a day with the clear aligners to optimize their comfort and fit.

Noting that case design through software management is now highly predictable, Smallwood says he sends less than 1% of his aligner cases to specialists to complete. He also lauds SureSmile U (sure­, where, "a wide array of educational tools ranging from basic onboarding to moderate setups to advanced concepts in clear aligner therapy are available to SureSmile providers," he says.

Trent Smallwood, DDS
Private Practice, Tempe, Arizona;
Paid Consultant for Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona

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