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June 2023
Volume 44, Issue 6

Make Interproximal Reduction Easy With ContacEZ IPR Strip System

Rodolfo Olmos, DDS, says he focuses on several keys to ensure success in his three central Florida dental practices. "Technology, research, and continuing education are the foundations of my practice," he says. "We need to make sure we provide patients with the latest technology to improve the patient experience and have positive outcomes."

With more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic, restorative, implant, orthodontic, and pediatric dentistry, Olmos also knows the importance of utilizing the proper tools and instruments to ensure success-and comfort-for his patients. One example of this is his use of the ContacEZ Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Strip System by Directa.

"I have been using ContacEZ IPR and IPR Plus Strips for several years, both for orthodontic cases and to facilitate opening contacts in some restorative cases, Class II restorations, and some veneer cases," Olmos affirms. "I have had excellent and predictable results."

Designed for versatility, the ContacEZ IPR Strip System can be used with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, Universal Aligner, and other clear aligners. These innovative stainless-steel diamond strips curve and flex along the natural contours of the teeth to prevent soft-tissue irritation and the cutting of excessive enamel. Olmos can attest that the flexible dental strips make interproximal reduc­tion safe and highly accurate, allowing sharp corners and cutting of lips or gums to be avoided and patient comfort maximized.

"Patients are always concerned when I tell them we must do some minor reduction to their natural teeth," Olmos says. "However, once they see how simple the procedure with the ContacEZ IPR Strips is, and that there's no discomfort, and how fast it goes, they are able to relax." He adds that the ergonomically designed strips, which feature a central opening for ease of maneuverability and convenient markings with specifications on each strip, help make the process of interproximal reduction stress free for the clinician as well.

In addition, Olmos says, the reusable autoclavable strips offer durability, multiple width options, and ease of organization in various colors. The ContacEZ Rainbow Set includes both the IPR and IPR Plus Strips, a 24-strip set that gives dentists a full range of options for virtually any case they may encounter.

"In general, the ContacEZ IPR Strip System is a very simple-to-use system," he exclaims. "Follow the indications provided by the clear aligner system of preference. Use the [ContacEZ] gauge system to corroborate the amount of stripping needed, and follow with the proper IPR strip. Let the strip do the work, ideally moving buccolingually/palatally without much vertical force. The strip will do the work and easily remove the desired tooth structure."

ContacEZ's flexible dental strips are "simply a ‘must-have' if you want ideal interproximal results," Olmos concludes.

Rodolfo Olmos, DDS
Private Practice,
Orlando, Florida

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