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February 2023
Volume 44, Issue 2

Bulk EZ PLUS™: Dual-Cure Bulk-Fill Composite Ideal for Direct Restorations

Direct restorations are the most common dental procedures performed by dentists throughout the world today. In a fast-paced restorative practice, it is quite typical to have multiple patients each day who require several posterior restorations to be done in one appointment. The ability to place these restorations in a simple, predictable, and timely fashion benefits both the practice and these patients. For this reason, the development of bulk-fill composites has begun to "change the game" for direct restorative dentistry.

This trend is growing as manufacturers continue to develop an array of bulk-fill composite choices for the market. The key features of these products are related to improved polymerization shrinkage and greater depth of cure. Both of these characteristics allow dentists to confidently place fewer and larger increments with predictability.

Bulk EZ PLUS by Zest Dental Solutions has been a product that the author has implemented into his practice with extraordinary success. Bulk EZ PLUS is a dual-cure bulk-fill restorative composite designed for direct restorations. It delivers tremendous versatility in that it can be used not only as a dentin replacement, but also as a true direct restorative. When allowed to self-cure (no light introduced at all), Bulk EZ PLUS features excellent physical properties for posterior restorations and offers an unlimited depth of cure.

Bulk EZ PLUS is based on a di­rected shrinkage chemistry design that allows the composite to polymerize and shrink, but in a direction toward the most highly bondable surface the clinician just created with a bonding agent. The end result is an unlimited depth of cure no matter how large of an increment is placed. Bulk EZ PLUS is also universally compatible with all bonding agents on the market, including total-etch, self-etch, and universal adhesive systems, without the need for additional primers or activators. Thus, the clinician can be assured that true dual-cure polymerization is occurring.

With its new and improved formulation of 80 nm spherical zirconia fillers, Bulk EZ PLUS has increased its ability to blend with a natural tooth structure and create seamless restorations with added strength so clinicians can feel comfortable placing this material into occlusion. With no layering required, time savings over other light-cured bulk-fill composite systems can be significant.

The material characteristics of Bulk EZ PLUS have provided a breakthrough in the placement of direct posterior composite restorations. While possessing the requirements of a posterior composite to withstand daily masticatory forces, this dual-cure bulk-fill material also affords dentists a straightforward, reliable procedure while eliminating many of the challenges associated with conventional composites, providing long-lasting, esthetic restorations quickly and easily.

By Troy A. Schmedding, DDS

Troy A. Schmedding, DDS
Private Practice,
Walnut Creek, California; Accredited Member, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Zest Dental Solutions

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