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November/December 2022
Volume 43, Issue 10

With the iTero Element™ 5D Plus Imaging System, a Picture Says a Thousand Words

Andrew Reingold, DMD, describes the integration of digital dentistry into the profession as an evolution rather than a revolution. "Intraoral scanners are not just about intraoral scanning anymore," he explains. "Digital dentistry isn't just a revolution to replace physical materials, but an evolution to streamline workflows, communication, case acceptance, profitability, and patient/provider satisfaction."

Reingold, who founded and practices at Everlasting Smile in Manhattan, has found that utilizing the latest technology, such as the iTero Element 5D Plus Series from Align Technology, benefits patients and prospers his practice. "As dentistry leans more into tools for digital workflows, we increase opportunities to work more efficiently, predictably, and profitably while simultaneously being better able to educate our patients on a higher level than ever before," he says. "For example, as we collect data from an intraoral scan, patients get to see close-up details of what we see in their mouth as dentists. The dentist and patient can co-discover fractured and worn teeth, misaligned teeth, etc."

As a practitioner who adheres to principles of minimally invasive dentistry, Reingold also applauds the iTero near infrared imaging (NIRI) technology, which helps him identify incipient lesions and treat preventively. "Having a NIRI scan built in means there's no radiation and no fear about checking too frequently."

Use of the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system allows Reingold and his team to communicate with patients on a different level. "I was already using an iTero Element, so my office understood the power of intraoral scanning. However, the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system is so much more than just an intraoral scanner," he exclaims. "Yes, it's faster to scan the patient with the cutting-edge processing power and graphic card built into the machine. But with the addition of high-definition images of everything scanned and interproximal caries detection at the same time, it's game changing. The ease of obtaining this high level of documentation of our patients' oral environment in a periodic wellness scan will surely challenge the current standards of care."

With the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system, Reingold says his entire team notices the higher degree of engagement of their patients due to the ability to see their oral condition on the screen. He sums up this advantage succinctly: "I can describe all the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease I want, but that conversation gets a whole lot simpler with the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system because of the clear, detailed images right in front of the patient."

"The iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system integrates with all the other elements of digital dentistry in my practice without resistance. For high-quality digital dentistry with a fantastic user interface and experience, it's easy to recommend starting with the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system," Reingold concludes.

Andrew Reingold, DMD
Private Practice, New York, New York; Fellow, International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics

Align Technology, Inc.

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