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November/December 2022
Volume 43, Issue 10

DTX Studio™ Software Suite Has Transformed Patient Experience for Implant Dentist

Joe Mehranfar, DMD, ABOI/ID, has a word of advice for his fellow clinicians: "Embrace the evolution of our field!" "Dr. Joe" (as his patients call him), who specializes in implant dentistry in his Phoenix, Arizona practice, and is clinical director for Implant Education Company, says that advances in dental technology over the course of his 20-year career have changed nearly everything about his practice workflow.

"The advancement of dental technology has allowed me to become more proficient and take any guesswork out of the treatment I provide to patients," says Mehranfar, an American Board of Oral Implantology diplomate. "As an implant dentist, I am able to work faster, see more patients, and feel more confident in the services I provide than ever before."

One piece of digital technology that Mehranfar has come to lean on is the DTX Studio software suite by DEXIS. This platform is used to streamline the digital diagnostic and treatment-planning process while also integrating with existing imaging hardware, compiling all imaging formats, including X-rays, photographs, 2D and 3D, and extraoral and intraoral.

Among the many notable features of DTX Studio suite, Mehranfar says he is particularly impressed with the assisted intelligence (AI). "The AI in this software is remarkable and saves me time. It is user-friendly and less intimidating than other software I have used in the past."

Having placed more than 10,000 implants during his career, Mehranfar believes the benefits of DTX Studio suite for his patients are as impressive as those reaped by clinicians. "DTX Studio software has transformed the patient experience in our office," he says. "It is easy enough to navigate that my team can use it to walk patients through what we are looking at, giving the patients a better understanding when we address diagnoses and treatment options."

"When patients feel educated," he continues, "it helps build trust and comfort. We do not sell and are not pushy in our full-arch clinic, but through using our strategy of educating patients and offering affordable full-arch treatment we are one of the busiest, best rated dental implant centers in Arizona."

DTX Studio suite, he adds, makes successful implant placement simpler with options for using a surgical template or 3D navigated implant surgery. While his team was a little intimidated at first, it only took a short while before they embraced the new technology, he says. "They all love it now and can't imagine a time before we used it."

"There are some things about the DTX Studio software suite we have integrated into our office where I feel I have only scratched the surface. The knowledge DEXIS has of what we need as providers is unmatched, and I look forward to all of the continual advancements they have to offer."

Joe Mehranfar, DMD, ABOI/ID
Private Practice, Phoenix, Arizona; Clinical Director, Implant Education Company


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