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October 2022
Volume 43, Issue 9

Beautifil® Kids SA Simplifies Pediatric Restorative Procedures

In his more than 45 years of pediatric dentistry, Lance Kisby, DMD, has seen just about every clinical challenge imaginable and has built an armamentarium to deal with all of them. But every so often, a new product comes out that he finds worthy of adding to his repertoire.

"Shofu recently introduced Beautifil® Kids SA, a nanohybrid bioactive self-adhesive flowable composite that incorporates Giomer Technology, a proprietary filler particle that has bioactive and therapeutic benefits," Kisby says. "This material promotes tooth remineralization, inhibits tooth demineralization, has tooth-like physical properties, creates an optimal pH, and generates bacterial inhibition."

Beautifil Kids SA is especially useful, he says, when it comes to pediatric patients who experience anxiety or are antsy in the chair. "Beautifil Kids SA is indicated for use as a PRR (preventive resin restoration) or small Class 1 restoration," he explains. "Restorative procedures are simplified and completed in a shorter amount of time because of [the product's] self-etch, self-adhesive properties, thus eliminating the etching, rinsing, and bonding steps." This is particularly important, he suggests, when treating an uncooperative child.

Kisby points to a recent case example of his involving an anxious, kinetic, dental- and needle-phobic 9-year-old boy who presented with possible caries on his mandibular bicuspid. An enamelplasty revealed that the stain was limited to the superficial layer of enamel. "The tooth was then rinsed and dried to slightly moist. Beautifil Kids SA was used because of its unique property of being a self-etch restorative, thus eliminating the need for etching, rinsing steps, and bonding agent, which decreased patient chairtime," he says. "Beautifil Kids SA was applied, allowed to self-etch and bond for 20 seconds, and then light-cured for 5 seconds."

Kisby says he is reassured by the fact that Beautifil Kids SA provides a durable bioactive result, which has been demonstrated with 8-year success rates in published studies. "Giomer Technology is a proprietary filler particle that has bioactive and therapeutic benefits," he explains. "Giomer Technology delivers fluoride release and recharge, which helps prevent caries recurrence. It also provides excellent esthetics, easy polishability, biocompatibility, and a smooth surface finish."

Overall, Kisby says Beautifil Kids SA provides a winning combination for safe, fast, and effective pediatric restorations with a bevy of added benefits. "The unique chemistry of Beautifil Kids SA is BPA-free and provides a chemical bond as well as resin tag infiltration. The unique filler structure combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of both dentin and enamel to blend with the surrounding dentition," he says. Overall, "I have found Beautifil Kids SA to be a beneficial and easy-to-use restorative material for pediatric dentistry."

Private Practice, Minocqua, Wisconsin

Shofu Dental Corp.

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