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October 2021
Volume 42, Issue 9

Coltene’s Single-Component Adhesive a Perfect Complement to BRILLIANT EverGlow® Composite

Having treated patients as a clinician for more than 35 years, Gregori Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, can attest to the fact that dental products and technology have evolved greatly over that timeframe.

"Prior to my graduation from dental school in 1986, dentistry, at least at the undergraduate level, had seen little change for decades. Adhesive dentistry was not being taught, and composites at the time were reserved for the anterior and were mechanically retained in the tooth," says Kurtzman, who has taught at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and been published extensively in the dental industry.

"Since my graduation, dentistry has undergone a steadily increasing evolution in materials and techniques, improving the quality of care for our patients," he comments.

An example of such progress, Kurtzman emphasizes, is today's 8th generation dental adhesives. "These adhesives provide high bond strengths to dentin and can be used clinically with total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch techniques with no real learning curve."

Coltene's ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL is a favorite adhesive of Kurtzman's. "It provides a one-component bonding agent that works in all bonding techniques," he says, adding that the universal adhesive complements Coltene's BRILLIANT EverGlow® and BRILLIANT EverGlow® Flow composites well.

Additionally, the ONE COAT 7 Activator, when mixed with the adhesive, enables self-curing of the adhesive, Kurtzman notes. "This allows me to use the adhesive in clinical situations where I cannot light-cure the material, such as when bonding a post into a tooth or a crown onto the preparation. Plus, the adhesive bonds to all materials used intraorally, including titanium, gold, zirconia, ceramics, and composite resins without the need for silane or primers," he states.

Kurtzman utilizes these Coltene products to achieve highly esthetic and long-lasting direct resin restorations. BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal submicron hybrid composite that he says provides convenient sculptability and form stability. In addition, due to its good wettability, the user-friendly composite offers excellent adhesion to bonded tooth surfaces.

"One of the issues with many composite materials available today is handling properties when placing them intraorally. Some materials tend to stick to the placement instruments, making sculpting challenging. Ideally, I want a material that flows well and adapts to the preparation, allowing anatomy to be placed prior to light-curing," he says. "Additionally, surface finish relates to both stain accumulation as well as plaque adherence. The better the polish on the restoration, the fewer issues will occur periodontally; and the easier the material polishes, the less chairside time is involved."

BRILLIANT EverGlow allows Kurtzman to provide natural-looking, durable direct restorations that do not retain plaque due to the highly polishable surface. "The submicron particle size helps in this regard, and I have found the restorations blend well with the surrounding tooth structure with minimal shades needed," he says. "The flowable version of BRILLIANT EverGlow complements the syringable material, providing well-adapted restorations in all clinical applications in which I have used the material."

Also, the shade system of BRILLIANT EverGlow offers three translucency levels and enhanced "Duo Shades" that allow for flexible use for single-shade and multi-shade layered restorations.

Kurtzman knows that dentistry, indeed, has changed drastically-for the better-over the past 35 years. Coltene's newest dental composites and adhesives are testaments to that.


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