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June 2021
Volume 42, Issue 6

Reveal® Clear Aligners Offer Dentists Triple Benefits: Product, Support, and Marketing

As more and more dentists consider offering clear aligners in private practice, Jeff Trembley, DDS, of Nashville, Tenn., says the reasons he uses Reveal® Clear Aligners by Henry Schein® Orthodontics (a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc.) are plentiful.

"The support is superb, the lab interface software is intuitive, the results are spectacular, and the lab fee is much less than other comparable aligners," he says.

Reveal Clear Aligners offer a contemporary solution for general practitioners looking to provide reliable orthodontic treatment that is both comfortable and esthetic. With in-office implementation support and access to an array of unique marketing services, Reveal can help dentists compete more effectively against direct-to-consumer aligner companies.

"This was a big selling point for my practice," says Trembley, who opened his practice, Smile On Nashville, in 2017. "The company supplies informative slideshows for patient presentations, written warranty information, and patient instruction printouts for each case. This alleviated a significant burden for my team and me to integrate Reveal Clear Aligner treatment into our practice."

Trembley says his practice has focused on dynamic cosmetic and restorative solutions for his patients, and he has seen the value of orthodontics/clear aligners as an early-stage treatment.

"Enamel is precious. Having affordable clear aligners at my fingertips allows me to conserve enamel and provide patients with predictable cosmetic services," he explains. "If you have a digital scanner, you should be incorporating clear aligners into your practice."

Reveal Clear Aligners are made from a proprietary ClearWear material. The material enables precise force levels for comfort and speed of treatment and will not stain, cloud, or discolor during treatment, allowing patients to have a clear, unblemished smile, with the aligners being hardly, if at all, noticeable. Additionally, Reveal aligners are available for both adults and teens.

"In my practice, the patient feedback has been positive across the board," Trembley says, adding that he has seen excellent results.

Trembley is also pleased with the quick and easy case-submission portal, along with the full support he receives from Henry Schein Orthodontics. Perhaps his favorite part of working with Reveal Clear Aligners, he says, is, "the easy workflow of the software and the predictability of the results. The online interface used to communicate with Reveal is seamless and simple."

An independent survey conducted on behalf of Henry Schein in 2018 showed more than 2 million monthly web searches for aligners. This means many people are turning to consumer-direct companies instead of their own dentist for this service, but Reveal offers options to help clinicians remain competitive in the industry, according to the company.

For example, the Reveal Starter Pack offers dental and orthodontic practices a wide range of complimentary marketing support, including website content, videos, social media posts, and more, to help clinicians promote aligner treatment to both new and existing patients.

"I have a strong appreciation for companies and products that don't put the burden on the dentist," Trembley says. "After working with Reveal for the past 18 months, I can say with confidence that this clear aligner system allows my practice to be more dynamic. When treatment results are predictable and the workflow is streamlined, as they have been with Reveal, both the patients and the dentist are happy."

Henry Schein Orthodontics

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