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February 2020
Volume 41, Issue 2

Shofu’s FIT SA Bioactive Composite Delivers Results Without Bonding Agent

Ross Isbell, DMD, practices dentistry with his father at two different offices in Gadsden, Alabama, where he caters to a variety of clients, including pediatric and geriatric patients. A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Dental School, he also completed a General Practice Residency at UAB Hospital. "Our practice is truly comprehensive concerning the types of procedures offered and the ages of our patients," he says. "I treat all of the children in our practice, as well as the majority of medically compromised seniors, which I am able to do due to my hospital training." In addition to working at his practices, he assists at a local retirement home once a month.

With the increase in acidic beverages on the market today, as well as a greater prevalence of polypharmacy, resulting in dry mouth symptoms among the elderly population, Isbell feels that bioactive properties in dental composite materials is critical. "There are many such products on the market, but the Shofu Beautifil line is what I have been trusting in my practice for the past 5 years," Isbell confirms. He uses Shofu bioactive restoratives, he explains, because the manufacturer is among the most experienced at producing them and the products have been successful for him at promoting healthy, caries-resistant mineral surfaces at restoration margins.

Isbell says that Shofu's latest bioactive composite, FIT SA, delivers the same quality he has come to rely on from the company. It features Shofu's patented GIOMER technology, which delivers the therapeutic effects of being anti-bacterial, is acid neutralizing, and strengthens tooth structure. "This self-adhesive, flowable composite provides the opportunity for replacing a typical glass-ionomer in my armamentarium with a product that is polishable, strong, and esthetically pleasing," he says. "In situations that require working quickly, such as when patient management is difficult, the self-adhesive properties help greatly with time management."

Because FIT SA does not require the use of a bonding agent, Isbell attests it improves the speed and simplicity of a clinician's restorative setup and process and can be seen as a cost-saving measure. Additionally, FIT SA is available in two viscosities: one being very fluid and the other being viscous, which allows the clinician to select the one that is most appropriate for a given procedure. Isbell also raves about the product's chameleon effect. "You don't need to have many different shades of this composite, because it will match whatever it is adjacent to," he claims.

According to Shofu, FIT SA can be used as a liner and for small Class 1, Class 3, Class 5, and other non-load-bearing restorations without the need for a bonding agent. FIT SA's unique, BPA-free chemistry provides a chemical bond as well as resin tag infiltration. Isbell typically uses it as a sealant, a Class 1 floor/liner, and a Class 5 restorative.

Isbell says he is appreciative that he is practicing dentistry in a time when bioactivity is becoming so prevalent and praises Shofu's GIOMER technology. Not only has it been proven to manage carious action in research, but he attests it has been a highly successful tool for him in combating caries in his practice. In fact, he says, he's seen it work firsthand in some of his worst xerostomic patients. "Using a product like FIT SA, I feel confident that I placed an interim restoration that can become a long-term fixture in reducing patients' cost and treatment time, while helping them regain function."

"I think clinicians will love this liner-quality bioactive composite, which is also a beautiful restorative. Shofu seems to have created a flowable material that does it all," Isbell concludes.

Shofu Dental Corporation

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