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February 2019
Volume 40, Issue 2

Beautifil Flow Plus X: A Multi-Use Composite for Both Anterior and Posterior Restorations

As a dentist who estimates he has treated over a thousand patients-including his own 8-year-old-son who fractured a central incisor-Payam Ataii, DMD, is very particular about choosing a composite when performing restorations. Ataii, who has been practicing restorative dentistry for more than two decades, with a focus on treating patients with malocclusions and sleep-related eating disorders, trusts Shofu's Beautifil Flow Plus® X.

Beautifil Flow Plus X is the latest bioactive injectable hybrid restorative in the Beautifil product line and features a newly developed patented nano S-PRG filler. Along with Giomer chemistry attributes that include fluoride release and recharge, this composite provides improved handling and polishing.

"It is important for a composite to be esthetic and a multi-use material that can be used for both anterior and posterior tooth restorations," says the Laguna Hills, California, practitioner. Ataii prefers a composite that has bioactive properties as well as offers longevity, superb shape retention, and outstanding physical properties while being available in a variety of shades. "These factors allow me to easily place the composite in a wide range of preparations," he attests.

Beautiful Flow Plus X, Ataii affirms, meets these criteria and more. The composite material seamlessly blends into tooth margins, allows for ease of handling, and provides good mechanical strength. Additionally, he points to Shofu's aforementioned proprietary Giomer technology. "The S-PRG fillers release and recharge fluoride and other bioactive ions that inhibit plaque formation and minimize postoperative hypersensitivity," he explains. "The nano-sized fillers give the material improved handling and increases the luster, making polishing easier than ever before."

Ataii has put his faith in the Shofu composite to the point where he recently used it in the case of his son's dental trauma. "My son fractured two-thirds of tooth No. 8. To a parent, especially one who is a dentist, this could be a devastating circumstance," he notes. For him, however, based on his experience with and confidence in Beautifil products, he used Beautifil Flow Plus X in conjunction with Beautifil II, along with Shofu's BeautiBond® bonding agent. The result, he states, was a beautiful, durable restoration.

Polishing Beautifil Flow Plus X, Ataii says, is "effortless," and the material maintains a long-lasting shine. He uses Shofu's Super-Snap X-Treme finishing and polishing system, which he says provides an exceptional gloss and he considers to be one of the best aluminum oxide polishers on the market.

The manufacturer notes that Beautifil Flow Plus X can be used as a base, liner, and final restorative. With a compressive strength of 358 MPa and flexural strength of 120 MPa, the composite can easily withstand high-stress loads on the occlusal surface and marginal ridge.

When he is not busy running his dental practice, Ataii also manages a practice performance program called ELEVATE, which teaches doctors and team members practice production workflow tips and techniques, as well as how to benefit from a group saving. He utilizes many of Shofu's products in his program, including Beautifil Flow Plus X, considering it one of his "go-to" tools.

As for product support, Ataii says he feels his Shofu representative is a part of his office's extended family. "My Shofu representative is just a phone call away," he adds. Thanks to the composite's performance, he concludes, that phone call usually is not necessary.

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