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November/December 2019
Volume 40, Issue 10

GC’s CERASMART®, G-CEM LinkForce®: A First-Rate CAD/CAM Restorative Combination

Karyn Halpern, DMD, MS, is the owner of a multi-specialty private practice in Port Jefferson Station, New York, which prides itself on being a "tech-forward" practice. "CAD/CAM technology has revolutionized the way I practice," she attests. "Additionally, it delivers a more comfortable patient experience." Halpern notes that CAD/CAM allows her to take more precise and predictable digital impressions, with less mess and discomfort for patients.

Halpern considered her common challenges when placing indirect CAD/CAM restorations before deciding what materials to purchase. "One of the difficulties I faced was learning the differences in both strength and esthetics among the vast array of CAD/CAM materials," she explains. "It is paramount to learn the proper preparations needed for the milling machines to create the best-fitting restorations. Also, time and attention must be given to proper isolation techniques and bonded cementation protocols for optimal long-term results."

After carefully contemplating her CAD/CAM material options, Halpern chose GC America's CERASMART®, a product she has been using since its inception in 2014. "Previously, I had only great experiences using GC America's materials in my office, so I was interested in trying the new hybrid block. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed." CERASMART, Halpern asserts, is her preferred block for inlays and onlays. The manufacturer describes the material as a force-absorbing, nano ceramic CAD/CAM block that combines the best characteristics of a high-strength ceramic and a composite. Halpern claims the material mills quickly, polishes easily, and has excellent marginal adaptation, as well as a true chameleon effect. "It mimics natural tooth enamel very well with respect to how light hits it," she says. "Once an inlay restoration is bonded, the margins truly disappear and blend into the surrounding tooth structure."

Halpern uses CERASMART in conjunction with GC's G-CEM LinkForce® dual-cure adhesive resin cement. According to the company, G-CEM LinkForce is suitable for cementation of all types of indirect restorations, ideal to use with milling blocks, and is available in four shades, both as cement and try-in paste. "Taking care to perform proper bonding protocols ensures predictable, long-term results and can virtually eliminate postoperative sensitivity. G-CEM LinkForce works great in combination with CERASMART-it's predictable and easy to handle."

Halpern explains her CAD/CAM process: "Once the tooth is prepared for the restoration, digital impressions are taken. The CAD/CAM software is then used to marginate and design the final restoration. Then, the CERASMART block is placed into the milling unit, where the restoration is milled in only a few minutes. Once milled, the restoration is fit-checked, adjusted if needed, polished, and then bonded with G-CEM LinkForce cement."

Both Halpern and her patients have been very happy with the results of indirect restorations since she started using CERASMART. "Patients are able to leave their same-day appointments with beautiful, high-quality ceramic restorations," she exclaims. "They appreciate the process being streamlined and efficient; I appreciate the predictability."

For those interested in adding GC America CAD/CAM products to their practice, Halpern notes that the manufacturer provides excellent resources for training and education, both online and at its new, state-of-the-art Education Center located at GC America's headquarters near Chicago. She believes it is important for clinicians to keep learning and adapting to new techniques to provide the best dental care available. "As CAD/CAM evolves with the development of artificial intelligence, the software will continue to become faster and more user-friendly," she predicts. "This will allow practitioners to use the technology more easily, even without extensive training."

GC America, Inc.

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