September 2015
Volume 36, Issue 9

The Hahn™ Tapered Implant: A Legacy and Partnership

Since placing his first implant nearly 45 years ago, Jack Hahn, DDS, has spent much of his career as a clinician and innovator thinking of ways to make implant therapy more accessible to the practitioner as well as the patient. From his conception of the first tapered implant to his design of the recently launched Hahn™ Tapered Implant System, Hahn’s efforts have been driven by the desire to continually improve products and procedures in order to make treatment simpler and more predictable.

To produce what he considers his best design yet, Hahn elected to work with a team of trusted implant experts at Glidewell Laboratories, which was composed of individuals with whom he had successfully collaborated in past efforts like the popular NobelReplace® implant (Nobel Biocare, www.nobelbiocare.com). In Glidewell Laboratories President and CEO, Jim Glidewell, CDT, whose own career track record includes numerous innovations within the dental industry, Hahn found a partner equally committed to enhancing the quality of treatment while reducing the cost of care.

“After meeting with Jim, it was clear that we shared the same goal of expanding the availability of high-quality treatment to more patients. We both wanted to do something that would give back to an industry that has given us so much,” says Hahn of the partnership that has brought his idea for a better, more predictable implant to life.

“But I didn’t want to put my name on the product unless the quality was up to my standards. What I found at the Glidewell implant manufacturing center in Irvine, California, convinced me that Jim was serious about this venture. He had spared no expense in developing a world-class facility and assembling a team of engineers that was more than capable of carrying out my vision.”

Hahn says he couldn’t be happier with the results of this partnership, which has coupled his expertise on the surgical aspect of implant design with Jim Glidewell’s history of excellence in restorative dentistry. “Working with Glidewell Laboratories has allowed me to develop an advanced implant that improves the quality of treatment. Their engineering team has the technology and know-how to bring design concepts to life with astonishing speed and precision, and their expertise on the prosthetic side of implant dentistry has been invaluable in creating an implant that is as simple to restore as it is to place.

“We were able to fine-tune a design that accounts for everything I’ve learned since the original tapered implant came out nearly 20 years ago. They translated my conceptual drawings into prototypes and then into implants that could be placed with great efficiency, zeroing in on the exact thread design and drilling protocol needed to keep the implant engaged with a maximum amount of bone,” he explains.

Hahn Tapered Implants allow for swift insertion to maximize clinical efficiency, precise control during placement to optimize positioning in challenging situations, and exceptional primary stability to facilitate immediate loading where indicated. From tight anterior spaces to molar extraction sockets, the implant is ideally suited to the ever-growing demands of modern implant dentistry.

Engineered and manufactured in an ISO-certified facility featuring high-precision Swiss-type lathes and multi-axis milling machines, Hahn Tapered Implants are compatible with popular surgical instrumentation already used in many implant practices. A simplified surgical protocol includes implant-specific drills that precisely control both the diameter and depth of the osteotomy. The system also includes a complete assortment of prosthetic components to support the full range of traditional and custom restorative protocols.

With a career that speaks volumes on the importance of continual innovation, Hahn says he is proud to have his name associated with an implant that contributes to the forward progression of implant dentistry while reducing the cost of treatment. “The better we make implant design, the more accessible we can make implant dentistry to doctors so they can improve their practices and the quality of life of their patients,” Hahn concludes.

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