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September 2012
Volume 33, Issue 8

BIOMET 3i: Implant Treatment to Optimize Restorative Procedures

Founded in 1987, BIOMET 3i has been a powerful presence in the field of implant dentistry for decades. Maggie Anderson, President of BIOMET 3i, says the company’s approach to dental implants is to create products that lead to an overall increase in patient satisfaction. She believes that implant solutions offering accelerated treatment times increase the likelihood that both clinicians and patients will consider dental implants as a treatment option.

According to Anderson, delivering faster treatment times can be accomplished through a synergy of treatment solutions. “The first step would be to optimize the primary stability of the implant at the time of placement,” she explains. “This is critical and plays an important role in influencing osseointegration.” Anderson also stresses that preserving crestal bone by maintaining the bone height around the top of an implant is key to maintaining the soft tissue and overall esthetic appearance of the implant. “BIOMET 3i is committed to providing clinicians with all of the right solutions to effectively and esthetically restore their patients’ smiles,” she says.

One of these products is the BIOMET 3i PREVAIL® Implant. The PREVAIL Implant system features integrated platform switching, engineered to deliver esthetic outcomes through tissue preservation. The implant is designed for soft-tissue protection through the Certain® Internal Connection, designed for connection stability and seal integrity, as well as enhanced osseointegration with OSSEOTITE® and NanoTite™ PREVAIL Implants—two implant systems designed for primary stability with surface topographies targeting bone apposition.

Anderson also says that accelerated treatment goes beyond the implant itself. “Providing a treatment solution that optimizes the restorative procedures is also a key element.” Anderson explains that the BIOMET 3i BellaTek™ Encode® Impression System effectively accomplishes this and makes implant dentistry more manageable for newer practitioners by eliminating impression copings and creating a definitive abutment through one simple impression of the healing abutment. “There is no need for implant level impressions or for complex component orders. Clinicians work above the gingiva, making the entire process easier and more like regular crown and bridge dentistry,” she describes.

BIOMET 3i implant systems are not the only way that the company aids clinicians who are interested in implant procedures. Anderson explains: “As one of the leaders in the dental implant industry, it is not enough for us to simply provide treatment solutions. We also have a responsibility to educate implant dentistry professionals so that they have the confidence and clinical understanding to provide patients with optimal outcomes.”

This past November, BIOMET 3i celebrated the opening of its state-of-the-art Institute for Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry (IIRD™) in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, as well as satellite centers in Italy and Mexico. The IIRD is an educational facility where dental professionals worldwide can hone their skills, learn about the latest techniques in the industry, and share clinical information—online or on location.

“The IIRD is the culmination of BIOMET 3i co-founder Dr. Richard J. Lazzara’s vision,” says Anderson. “He passionately believes that education, evidence-based research, and leading-edge dental techniques are essential to providing the best dental solutions and care to patients.”

Anderson believes that the future of dental implants is bright. BIOMET will continue to work on implant treatment solutions to help clinicians achieve the most predictable and effective outcomes possible. “This includes investments in digital technologies and education initiatives that keep our customers at the forefront of implant dentistry,” says Anderson. “In addition, we will continue to listen to what our customers think about our existing products and services, and work to improve the outcomes they provide for their patients.”

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