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September 2012
Volume 33, Issue 8

MIS Implants: Moving Implantology Forward

Treating patients with dental implants has become increasingly commonplace in recent years, as the implants themselves have integrated with bone more thoroughly and consistently than in the past, explains Motti Weisman, CEO of MIS Implants USA. As a result, says Weisman, the implant field has grown in three distinct areas: increased education, predictability, and smarter marketing.

“All new dental school graduates have learned about performing restorations with implants, so they are more aware of this option than in the past,” says Weisman. “At the same time, the implant industry is growing, and manufacturers and distributors are putting considerable effort into developing their implant offerings and doing everything they can to show their clients the benefits. The combination of the education and manufacturer developments has advanced the implant industry to the point where it has become a predictable and, in many cases, better option for patients.”

Established in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies has been growing exponentially in the implant field, with its products distributed in more than 60 different countries. The company currently offers five different implant lines, including the SEVEN series. The SEVEN series of implants underscores three key features: a conical shape, a specialized surface, and a final drill included with the implant. The conical shape establishes the implant’s vertical and horizontal condensing properties and allows for excellent mechanical stability.

SEVEN implants’ specialized, sandblasted and acid-etched surface increases the implant’s surface area and creates both micro- and macro-pores. This surface treatment has proven to be excellent for osseointegration to take place. “Our implants offer a very aggressive thread design,” says Weisman. “The rough surface along with the implant morphology optimizes implant integration.”

The third defining feature of the SEVEN series is that all of the implants come packaged with a sterile final drill. Says Weisman, “Including the final drill in the implant package makes the procedure faster and simpler, and the results much more predictable.” MIS is the only implant company that offers the final drill included with the implant, he says. Weisman elaborates on the drill’s advantages: “Including the drill with the implant ensures that the drill is always sterile, sharp, clean, and in the right dimensions in relation to the implant. The clinician cannot over-drill; there is very little room for error.”

Beyond MIS’ dedication to manufacturing outstanding implants, the company offers a number of resources to clinicians who use its products. With logistics centers on both the east and west coasts of the United States, MIS is primed to deliver its products to clinicians all over the country. “We operate at a very fast pace,” says Weisman. “We ship everything the same day, and our sales force is at 32 people and growing. We have a customer care department and product specialists available to our clients. We want to be available to meet their needs as quickly as possible.”

MIS is one of the fastest-growing companies in the implant market, says Weisman, who adds that the company is dedicated to keeping that momentum going. “We are involved with all kinds of cutting-edge technology, including CAD/CAM, guided implant surgery, and we are going to be launching a new line of implants in the near future,” he says. The new implant will not only feature the conical shape of the SEVEN series and a conical connection but also give clinicians the option of platform switching, expanding the potential of their procedures.

Weisman also believes that MIS’ attitude toward its clients sets the company apart from its competition, and has contributed to its recent growth. “We see our clinicians as being the central focus of our business. We know our customers, and we really take it upon ourselves to know what they want, to listen to them, and to get feedback on our products so we can make changes to accommodate their needs in the operatory. It is our mission to serve our customers,” says Weisman.

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