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Inside Dental Hygiene
August 2022

TruColor™ Headlights

1. TruColor headlights feature a CRI greater than 90, improving upon the current industry standard of approximately 70 CRI.

2.  Breakthrough 90 CRI color rendering technology yields more natural and accurate reds, yellows, and whites—all the predominant colors in the mouth.

3. High CRI is closer to natural sunlight and more accurately reflects tissue color, including gums, to assist in early detection of gingivitis.

4. Loupe-mounted headlights eliminate shadows from your field of view.

5. With cutting-edge headlight technology, you can be confident you're seeing the complete picture of your patient's health with the headlight your eyes deserve.

"When I looked inside the mouth for the first time using TruColor, I couldn't believe the clarity and differentiation now visible in the tissue color. Others in the office can't see what I see, and I keep telling them, ‘here, look with my light!' "*

Paige Seaborn, RDH

*The included quote reflects the opinion/personal experience of Paige Seaborn, RDH. Orascoptic is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.


• Color temperature: 5700° K

• Brightness up to 85 lumens

• Battery run-time up to 24 hours

• Focused 2.75 inch (6.98 cm) diameter spotlight at 12 inches (30.5 cm)

• Lightweight headlight

• Composite filter • 800-369-3698

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