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Inside Dental Hygiene
June 2022

RDH Elite™ Loupe

1. The RDH EliteLoupe's 2.5x magnification allows hygienists to see things the naked eye might miss during clinical procedures, which in turn empowers them to provide better patient care.

2. With a generous 4 inch field-of-view, the RDH Elite Loupe promotes better posture, contributing to a prolonged career in dental hygiene.

3. The RDH Elite Loupe was designed by hygienists for hygienists.

4. Orascoptic optics have been voted BEST LOUPES in the industry* for 14 consecutive years (and counting).

5. Loupes increase productivity, affording hygienists more time to consult with patients about their oral health.

"Since I started using Orascoptic loupes, I have had better posture, and the pain in my neck has gone away. I would definitely recommend these loupes to any hygienist."

Jessica Parks, RDH


• Custom working distance

• 9-month interest-free payment plans

• Free eye prescriptions, anti-reflective coating, and shipping

• 2.5x power magnification

• Generous 4" field-of-view

• 45-day trial period • 800-369-3698

ORA-MKG-0830  • *Townie Award

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