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Inside Dentistry
November 2023
Volume 19, Issue 11

Ensuring Quality and Longevity in Direct and Indirect Restorations

Raihan Nazir, DDS, MSc, on Pac-Dent’s Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive System

I have always been an advocate for staying at the forefront of dental technology and embracing innovations that can benefit my patients. That is why I am genuinely excited about Pac-Dent's groundbreaking Rodin Bond Dental Adhesive System.

Pac-Dent has been a trusted name in the dental industry for decades. Its commitment to delivering high-quality products is well-known, so I am curious to see how this latest addition to the Rodin product line could transform my practice. Rodin Bond is not just your average dental adhesive; it is a meticulously designed system tailored for use with both direct and indirect bonding applications. What truly sets it apart is the incorporation of cutting-edge glass-filler technology. This technology promises to strengthen the hybrid zone and deeply penetrate dentin tubules, providing an exceptional level of bond strength that surpasses traditional adhesive systems. As a dentist, ensuring the longevity and quality of my restorations is paramount, and Rodin Bond seems poised to help achieve precisely that.

Even more intriguing is the complementary product, Rodin Sensiguard. This two-in-one desensitizer and primer not only promotes bonding but also seals dentin tubules, reducing the risk of sensitivity and caries formation beneath restorations. It provides an added layer of protection that will be invaluable in ensuring my patients' comfort and satisfaction.

With best-in-class bond strength and compatibility with a wide range of dental materials, including zirconia and porcelain fused to metal, this adhesive system opens up exciting possibilities for my practice. The efficiency offered by the flip-top cap design and the innovative unit-dose system will undoubtedly save me valuable time, reduce waste, and streamline my workflow.

Rodin Bond is also highly versatile and can be used with light-, self-, and dual-cure composite materials on both direct and indirect restorations, which will allow me to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options to my patients.

In addition, 3D printed indirect restorations have always been on my radar to incorporate into my services, and Rodin Bond seems tailor-made for this purpose. It is not just a dental adhesive; it is a key that unlocks new possibilities and elevates the quality of care that I can provide.

I am genuinely eager to try Rodin Bond in my practice and believe it will be a valuable addition to my toolkit. My practice philosophy is not only about staying current with dental trends but alsoabout offering my patients the best possible care and ensuring their long-term oral health. Rodin Bond represents a step forward in that journey, and I am excited to be a part of it.

Key Takeaways

1. Best-in-class adhesion. Nano-hybrid glass-filler technology provides incredible bond strength and reliable adhesion to a comprehensive array of dental materials.

2. Full compatibility. Rodin Bond can be used with light-, self-, and dual-cure composite materials on direct and indirect restorations.

3. Efficiency. Flip-top cap design saves valuable time and provides "one-drop" flow of adhesive while innovative unit-dose system reduces exposure to air and moisture.

4. Complete solution. Combine Rodin Bond and Rodin Sensiguard for a comprehensive bonding solution that not only enhances bonding but also safeguards against postoperative sensitivity through dentin tubule sealing.

Raihan Nazir, DDS, MSc
Private Practice
Anaheim Hills, California
Newport Beach, California
Placentia, California

Manufacturer Information
Pac-Dent, Inc.

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