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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

It’s Time to Think Pink

Frank Milnar, DDS, on Beautifil® II Gingiva universal composite

Gingival recession is one of the most common oral health conditions affecting middle-aged and elderly patients.1 This condition can be a result of numerous factors, notably persistent low-level trauma (eg, toothbrush abrasion), chronic inflammatory periodontal disease, periodontal treatment, and occlusal trauma.2

The optimal biologic and esthetic treatment for gingival recession is connective tissue grafting. However, many patients are not amenable to this option unless it is absolutely necessary and would prefer a more minimally invasive and cost-effective procedure. The use of pink-colored composites, such as Beautifil® II Gingiva, can provide a practical esthetic alternative for the treatment of gingival recession, creating the illusion of gingiva where it no longer exists. Bioactive Beautifil II Gingiva can help to improve your patients' oral health by reducing or eliminating the sensitivity associated with exposed root surfaces, and they will appreciate the esthetic, time-saving, minimally invasive procedure that is completed in a single visit.

Beautifil II Gingiva comes in five unique shades that can be blended and layered to create custom gum shades to match the gingiva of patients of any ethnicity. In addition to Beautifil II Gingiva's obvious esthetic benefits, the inclusion of Shofu's bioactive Giomer Technology allows it to promote better oral health through clinically proven therapeutic properties. Giomer Technology, which is a proprietary technology in all Shofu restoratives, features a specially engineered filler particle that actively releases six beneficial ions, including fluoride, which it both releases and recharges. The benefits of Giomer Technology include antibacterial and acid-neutralizing effects to minimize problems caused by plaque and biofilm and to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of secondary decay for the life of the restoration.3,4

Although connective tissue grafting represents the gold standard to successfully reestablish an esthetic gum line in cases of gingival recession, some patients find the discomfort, healing time, and cost disadvantageous. For these cases, it's time to "think pink" and offer bioactive Beautifil II Gingiva as part of the treatment plan. This direct restorative allows clinicians to provide gingival treatment options that are functional, esthetic, and therapeutic and that can be achieved chairside using a cost-effective and minimally invasive approach.

Key Takeaways

1. Beautifil II Gingiva can provide an esthetic and therapeutic treatment for gingival recession in patients who do not wish to undergo connective tissue grafting.

2.  Shofu's bioactive Giomer Technology releases and recharges fluoride, which provides protective benefits, including antibacterial and acid-neutralizing effects.

3. Beautifil II Gingiva comes in five unique shades.

4. Shades can be blended and layered to create custom gum shades to match patients of any ethnicity.

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