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Inside Dentistry
November 2021
Volume 17, Issue 11

Next Level Implant Dentistry with DS PrimeTaper

Faster, simpler, safer

Daniel Butterman, DDS

Implant specialists who have been treating patients successfully for years are well versed in different implant systems and have optimized their workflows. Daniel Butterman, DDS, a dentist from Centennial, Colorado, highlights how DS PrimeTaper has helped to make implant practice more efficient for him and more comfortable for his patients. In his view, the new system offers real added value for clinicians and for implant dentistry.

In which aspects of implant treatments do you see innovations or improvements with DS PrimeTaper?

My initial experience with the DS PrimeTaper has been very promising. The implant features a simplified drilling protocol and is easy to place. It also works well for patients with less-than-optimal bone environments. In appropriate clinical situations, the DS PrimeTaper also provides an ideal immediate placement and temporary restoration solution. In combination of a digital workflow—including digital impressions and in-office fabrication of temporaries—with the PrimeTaper enables us to achieve a highly esthetic result even during the healing phase. These features make the DS PrimeTaper an asset to clinicians.

With the new implant system, Dentsply Sirona is bringing clearly structured and seamless workflows to the market. What significance do these workflows have for you in practice?

While some dentists have been successful in creating processes and procedures that lead to excellent results, the DS PrimeTaper represents a next step. The PrimeTaper workflow is driven by digital technology, resulting in higher accuracy, repeatability of processes, and time savings. This is beneficial for both the experienced implant practitioner, as well as the clinician who is just embarking on the implant path.

Dentsply Sirona is already a leader in the implant market with well-known brands. What exactly does the PrimeTaper change?

As dentists, we need to provide solutions that make it easy for patients to say "yes" to treatment. The DS PrimeTaper promises high long-term stability and enables us to satisfy the esthetic needs of our patients. Coupled with its simplicity and efficiency, the PrimeTaper will make it easier for patients to choose implant treatment. Due to the standardization of processes, the DS PrimeTaper also will encourage more dentists to enter the field of implant dentistry.

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