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November/December 2023
Volume 44, Issue 10

Improve Implant Proficiency With the Full Arch DS Signature™ Workflow

As the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program Director in San Antonio, Texas, where he has served for more than 30 years, Alan Scott Douglas, DDS, has seen firsthand how the integration of digital dentistry has opened up a world of solutions for clinicians-and their patients. "Treatment workflows have changed so much in my career," he exclaims. "The integration of digital scanning, digital planning, and digital guide fabrication has brought about significant increase in clinical efficiencies, outcomes, and patient safety. Advancement from stock final abutments to patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments also has impacted long-term durability, predictability, and success."

Douglas has learned that adopting a digital workflow can decrease chairtime and increase efficiency and helps get patients involved in and excited about their dental treatment. "Patient engagement and education is critical for long-term success," he suggests. "We can deliver ideal dental care, but it is for naught if the patient does not understand and participate in good oral hygiene."

Douglas utilizes the Full Arch DS Signature Workflow from Dentsply Sirona to simplify the implant restoration process from diagnosis and planning through final restoration and maintenance. This integrated digital workflow solution is designed to reduce patient visits for full-arch treatment, according to the company. It works as follows: (1) Diagnosis and planning utilizing a Primescan intraoral scanner for quick, accurate impressions; and software, such as Simplant, for guided surgical planning. (2) Surgery and temporization utilizing OSSIX materials for augmentation during this phase; these materials simplify socket grafting for guided bone regeneration and allow for faster future implantation. (3) Final impressions, preparing for the single-connection EV Implant that best suits the patient. (4) For the final restoration, the Atlantis CustomBase suprastructure offers a passive fit that is ideal for esthetics, function, and longevity.

"The PrimeTaper EV enables success in immediate and expedited dental implant treatments," Douglas says. "Patient outcomes and experiences are enhanced because the PrimeTaper EV implant combines a progressive thread pattern with a long-proven conical connection and OsseoSpeed surface to give high initial stability, expedited treatment, long-term bone maintenance, and stable abutment-fixture connection. This helps limit prosthetic complications and marginal bone loss."

With the Full Arch DS Signature Workflow in mind, Douglas comments, "Technological advancements in dentistry are occurring at a fast pace, and in my opinion, as dentists, we have a duty to our patients and staff to keep our practices current on the research and then make clinical decisions based on the evidence. Combining Simplant guides, PrimeTaper EV fixtures, and Atlantis CAD/CAM abutments enhances my implant outcomes and patient experiences."

Alan Scott
Douglas, DDS
Program Director, AEGD Residency Program, San Antonio, Texas


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