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November/December 2023
Volume 44, Issue 10

Enhance, Expand Treatment Options With Rodin™ 3D Printing Resins

Rick Ferguson, DMD, has been a practicing clinician for more than three decades, and the implant specialist says that taking a proactive approach to emerging digital innovations has made all the difference in his Davie, Florida, practice.

"Over the years, I have fully integrated transformative technological changes that have fundamentally influenced our approach to treatment planning and the level of care we provide," he says. "We have consistently embraced emerging dental technologies, particularly 3D printing. And as the range of printers, resins, and procedures influenced by 3D printing has expanded, we have evolved with it."

For his practice, Ferguson says he selects products and technology that enhance treatment planning, precision, and accuracy while providing optimal and efficient outcomes for patients-products like Pac-Dent's Rodin Sculpture and Rodin Titan printing resins.

"Rodin Sculpture is a cornerstone of our practice," he says. "This innovative technology enables me to deliver final restorations within the same day, a feat previously unmatched in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness compared to in-house milling solutions."

Restorations printed with Rodin Sculpture, Ferguson notes, "stand out for their strength and durability, defying the misconception that speed compromises quality. These restorations also exhibit exceptional esthetics, and the level of precision achieved ensures a perfect fit." Rodin Titan, he adds, offers exceptional strength and flexibility for printing full-arch implant restorations and hybrid dentures.

"The introduction of Rodin Sculpture and Rodin Titan into our practice has revolutionized the patient experience," Ferguson says. "Patients are highly impressed with the speed at which we can now provide them with restorations." For traditional inlays and onlays, he states, patients can have a final restoration within an hour. "And even when fabricating a restoration from a custom implant abutment, it's just a matter of a few hours."

"The technology integration within my dental team has been seamless, and the results have been transformative," Ferguson continues. "The entire team has wholeheartedly embraced print technology because it has significantly elevated our level of patient care. It has also empowered each member of my staff to take ownership of patient cases, leading to a more efficient and collaborative workflow."

"For instance, both my dental assistant and hygienist can now design a crown in under 5 minutes with the assistance of AI and a comprehensive library of restorations. They can create a fully formed crown, making real-time adjustments to contact and occlusion, and have it ready for printing," he says.

The end-results? "Substantial savings on external lab expenses, horizontal integration of solutions in-house, and the ability to accommodate more patients without compromising the quality of care."

Rick Ferguson, DMD
Private Practice, Davie, Florida; Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology; Diplomate, International Congress of Oral Implantologists


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