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November/December 2023
Volume 44, Issue 10

Aoralscan 3 Gives Dentists Affordable High-Tech Wireless IOS Option

With more than three decades of experience as a private practitioner, Anthony Ceccacci, DDS, has both observed and participated in the digital dentistry evolution, and continues to adopt new technology for the benefit of his patients. "I've been in private practice for over 35 years in New York City," he says. "We converted to digital dentistry with a full in-house digital laboratory for the past 12 years, delivering expedited care."

Ceccacci, a former assistant clinical professor at New York University, incorporates intraoral 3D scanning, facial 3D scanning, and 3D printing in order to optimize patient outcomes across a broad range of services, including dental implants, porcelain veneers, restorative, cosmetic, esthetic, and general dentistry. He says he finds that digital dentistry has improved the consistency and accuracy of treatment, and "speed of care has ramped up exponentially" as well.

One cutting-edge innovation he considers a game changer for his practice is Shining 3D Dental's Aoralscan 3 wireless intraoral scanner (IOS). With Aoralscan 3, "actual real-time intraoral conditions can be illustrated on screen to promote patients' understanding of their dental needs. It's a great communication and documentation tool," Ceccacci explains.

Integrating the technology into Ceccacci's busy, state-of-the-art Manhattan practice was no problem, he says, and he has been very happy with the new intraoral scanner. "The incorporation has been seamless, with a shallow learning curve for me and the staff. The Aoralscan 3 allows for a consistently reproducible outcome toward treatment. Also, the price point and value compared to other IOS options is great."

The Aoralscan 3, according to the manufacturer, offers a plethora of high-tech benefits, including built-in Wi-Fi technology; long-lasting battery life (up to 2 hours of continuous scanning); motion-sensing technology to reduce the risk of cross-contamination; an automatic tip heating function for fog prevention; and dual tip sizes for both adult and pediatric-sized mouths. An AI scanning feature automatically identifies and filters out miscellaneous data. Software functions include orthodontic simulation, a model creator, temporary crown design, an oral health report, and more. Additionally, the Shining 3D Dental cloud enables optimal dentist-technician collaboration.

Noting that the wireless Aoralscan 3 allows for greater freedom and movement while scanning, Ceccacci says, "Patients react positively and seem impressed by the use of the scanner. Honestly, in the world we live in, most patients expect a ‘high-tech' approach to their treatment. Aoralscan 3 certainly meets those expectations."

"For new adopters of digital scanning," Ceccacci suggests, "the Aoralscan 3 offers an appealing value-to-price ratio. Plus, the team at Shining 3D Dental has been responsive to any training questions."

Anthony Ceccacci, DDS
Private Practice, New York, New York

Shining 3D Dental

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