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S4 E2 [2:07]

Updates the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology’s Pillar Scholarship ( and a new member of Dentsply Sirona’s leadership team, plus a CE article on anti-snoring and sleep apnea dental appliances ( and a free CE ebook on full-arch implants from Compendium (

Welcome to IDT Weekly! I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology has announced its CDT and RG Pillar Scholarship winners for Fall 2021. There are 24 CDT winners and 11 RG. Go to to see the complete lists. You can also submit an application for the Spring 2022 Pillar Scholarships, due March 15. Dentsply Sirona announced the appointment of Cherée H. Johnson as SVP, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary. She will also become a member of the Executive Leadership Team and report directly to Don Casey, Chief Executive Officer. She comes from a similar position at WR Grace, a Standard Industries Company. Dentsply Sirona CEO Don Casey says she has “an impressive leadership track record and a tremendous dedication to the customer perspective.” This month in IDT, our CE article comes from Laura Andreescu, who goes into incredible depth on sleep appliances. Laura explores not only specific indications but also the materials science factors involved in these increasingly popular appliances. We hope you’ll agree that it’s well worth the read. Online this month, our sister publication Compendium has a free CE ebook from Dr. Michael Scherer, titled “Planning Full-Arch Reconstructions for Today and Tomorrow: Implant Overdentures and Fixed Restorations.” The ebook discusses strategic implant treatment planning that takes into consideration the future restoration treatment needs of patients. Download it for free by going to, clicking the Compendium tab at the top, and then clicking the Ebooks tab. Or for that and other links mentioned in this episode, see the description below. Well, that’s it for this week. Thank you, as always, for making IDT your source for the latest in dental laboratory technology.

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