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S4 E4 [2:01]

Updates on Evolution Dental Science and the Dental Trade Alliance, plus an article on 3D printable materials ( and a webinar on full denture technology (

Welcome to IDT Weekly! I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. Evolution Dental Science acquired Watling-Moss Dental Laboratory, a 35-year-old laboratory in Buffalo, New York, that makes partial dentures for clients nationwide. Watling-Moss founder Don Watling will remain with Evolution Dental Science under the terms of the deal, according to Buffalo Business First. The Dental Trade Alliance announced its 2021-2022 Board of Directors, led by DTA Board Chair Karen Neiner of Hu-Friedy Manufacturing. Also on the board are Sandra Hirsch of Zyris, Dave Brandsen of Anterior Quest, and Mark Nicholls of Henry Schein. The DTA is a member supported trade association of suppliers and service providers of the oral health profession and industry with the common goal of improving the state of oral care. This month in IDT, our TechEdge Industry article on 3D printable materials comes from Dr. Stephanie Benight. Dr. Benight is one of the leading scientists in this field, and she has some really interesting insights about the state of the 3D printing materials market and where it’s going. We hope you’ll find it useful. Online this month, IDT board member Dennis Urban has an on-demand webinar “Excellence in Full Denture Technology.” It’s geared toward the clinical audience for our sister publication Inside Dentistry, but we think you’ll agree that there’s some really good information for laboratory technicians in there as well. Watch it by going to, clicking the Inside Dentistry tab at the top, and then clicking the Webinars tab. Or, for that and other links mentioned in this episode, see the description below. Well, that’s it for this week. Thank you, as always, for making IDT your source for the latest in dental laboratory technology.

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