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S2 E17 [2:56]

News on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rule requiring new health warnings on cigarette packages and in cigarette advertisements, positive conflict resolution for workplace disagreements, and an overview of the article Craniofacial Risk Factors for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders by Kent Smith, DDS.

I’m Tiffany Stark and you’re watching IDH Weekly on Aegis TV. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a final rule to require new health warnings on cigarette packages and in cigarette advertisements. The warnings feature textual statements with photo-realistic color images depicting some of the lesser-known, but serious health risks of cigarette smoking, including impact to fetal growth, cardiac disease, diabetes and more. Beginning June 18, 2021, these new cigarette health warnings will be required to appear prominently on cigarette packages and in advertisements. Once implemented, the new warnings must be randomly and equally displayed and distributed on cigarette packages and rotated quarterly in cigarette advertisements. For more information on this story and other news, use the link or scan the QR code below. Workplace disagreements can occur, regardless of the size of the staff in your office or the strength of your bond with coworkers. Small misunderstandings can spiral into affecting an entire team. There are a few things you can do to promote positivity and respect within your team. When disputes arise, communication tends to halt. It is best to find an appropriate time that does not interfere with your office responsibilities to talk with your coworkers to clear the air. Acknowledge your willingness to maintain a positive working relationship with your coworkers and be sure to fairly balance the conversation to allow equal time to listen to their concerns. Improving how your team communicates as a group can prevent issues as well. Team meetings are a great way to strengthen communication. Morning huddles are excellent for creating a game plan for the day and offer an opportunity for each of us to communicate any small concerns on a daily basis. In the end, most situations can be resolved with the guidance and help of the office manager or practice owner. The Inside Dental Hygiene website currently features the continuing education article “Craniofacial Risk Factors for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders” by Kent Smith, DDS. This article examines the prevalence of sleep-related breathing disorders and the comorbidities associated with these conditions that makes them cause for concern for all healthcare professionals. Dr. Smith discusses the extent these disorders affect the general population and identifies common craniofacial anatomic risk factors that can be distinguished during routine dental examinations and discussed with patients to proactively screen for them. To read the full article and take the quiz for CE credit, visit the link or click the QR code below. We hope you’ve enjoyed our updates on the latest in dental hygiene news, trends, and continuing education. I’m Tiffany Stark. Thank you for watching IDH Weekly. See you next week!

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