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S2 E14 [2:57]

News on risks of exposing children to harmful chemicals when sanitizing during coronavirus pandemic, spotlight on Kate Trivett, RDH, and information on the upcoming webinar “Strategies to Break the Chain of Infection in Your Practice” with Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH.

I’m Tiffany Stark and you’re watching IDH Weekly on Aegis TV. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb in the US, schools and childcare centers are under pressure to increase efforts to sanitize, but is this putting children at risk for overexposure to harmful chemicals? A new peer-reviewed study, co-authored by two Indiana University researchers, suggests high levels of dangerous contaminants -- known as PFAS -- are finding their way into childcare centers through the very products intended to keep children healthy. Poly and Per-fluor-o-alkyl substances, or PFAS, are a class of chemicals that have been widely used for decades in firefighting foam and a range of stain and grease-resistant products. The study, published in the journal Environmental Pollution by researchers from the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, is one of the first to examine PFAS exposure risks in indoor settings other than people's homes. It found that PFAS are abundant in childcare environments, which leads to "significant early-life exposures." Access the full study via the link or QR code below. In the spotlight, Inside Dental Hygiene is proud to recognize registered dental hygienist Kate Trivett. Kate is described by her colleagues as the ultimate empowered dental hygienist. About 2 years ago, she decided to improve her continuing education strategy. The knowledge she gained in CE courses prompted her to transform current practice locations with one-hour appointments. These scheduling changes gave Kate the ability to focus on patients’ overall well-being, in addition to their oral health. Keep up the great work Kate. To read the full spotlight on Katie, visit the link or scan the QR code provided. Nominate a fellow hygienist or your hygiene team to be featured in an upcoming issue of Inside Dental Hygiene, on our social media or in the monthly newsletter. Submit your nominations to the email address below. All Dental Hygienists appreciate ways to break the chain of infection during viral outbreaks--even during a typical cold and flu season-- but is your team doing enough on a day to day basis to ensure you prevent infection in your practice? Don’t miss the upcoming free webinar “Strategies to Break the Chain of Infection in Your Practice” on April 6th” Presenter Michelle Strange will discuss how to identify ways to break the chain of infection when performing environmental infection control in any office, including how to choose the best disinfectant for your practice. For more information and to register for the free webinar, use the link or QR code below. We hope you’ve enjoyed our updates on the latest in dental hygiene news, trends, and continuing education. I’m Tiffany Stark. Thank you for watching IDH Weekly. See you next week!

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