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S2 E15 [3:05]

News on the ADA’s statement on recent Wisconsin anti-fluoridation movements, learn how to join the Women In Dentistry group, and information on accessing the Vaping Webinar Update hosted by Edie Gibson, RDH, MS.

I’m Tiffany Stark and you’re watching IDH Weekly on Aegis TV. The ADA recently released a statement regarding a joint effort with the Wisconsin Dental Association and other fluoridated water proponents, to address February anti-fluoridation movements in three Wisconsin municipalities. Recent action is part of a larger movement to encourage states to adopt early notification laws. The laws generally require water systems to provide advance notice to the public and state health officials of proposed changes to fluoridation programs, thereby giving the public greater opportunity to express concerns regarding the elimination of fluoridation. Early notification laws are currently in place in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, New York and Missouri. For ADA fluoride resources, go to To read the full ADA statement on this important issue, use the link or QR code below. While the number of women entering the dental industry and being appointed to leadership and academic roles has increased, current statistics still show a significant gap in representation. Now, more than ever, women are seeking opportunities to support their peers by connecting online and at networking events. The Women in Dentistry group provides women from all areas in the oral healthcare profession a place to network and expand their knowledge. Women face unique challenges within the industry— and have unique insights and experiences to offer each other. Together, we represent a community that will offer support and guidance as we work to elevate our contributions to the industry and advance our own individual goals. Whether you are a recognized leader, new to the oral health profession, or somewhere in between, Women in Dentistry is there to support your continued personal and professional growth. As a convener of action-oriented women, this inclusive community of leaders, peers, and resources is a catalyst for positive change. Email to join the community and follow the group on on Instagram to access highlights on extraordinary woman in the oral healthcare profession. Featured on the Inside Dental Hygiene website, Edie Gibson, presents a continuing education webinar update on vaping. This webinar covers the latest information and research surrounding the vaping epidemic, including oral/systemic adverse effects, current statistics and trends. Learn how to determine the signs, symptoms and causative factors of E-Cigarettes and Vaping associated Lung Injury, and distinguish between carriers, flavors and other additives in vape juice. To access this free webinar and take the quiz for CE credit, use the link or QR code below. We hope you’ve enjoyed our updates on the latest in dental hygiene news, trends, and continuing education. I’m Tiffany Stark. Thank you for watching IDH Weekly. See you next week!

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