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Inside Dental Hygiene
June 2023

Comfort and Clarity Have Never Been So Reliable

Jeffrey R. Briney, DDS, on LumaDent’s revolutionary ErgoPrism® Loupes

For 26 years, my passion has been centered around providing comfort and oral health for my patients by using the most advanced level of dentistry available today. This passion has not only been a focal point within my private practice in Dana Point, California, but also spread into my speaking engagements around the world and, most importantly, my mission trips to Haiti. For most of those years, my vision was enhanced via microscope dentistry and standard magnification loupes, but the way I practice dentistry completely changed the day I put ErgoPrism® Loupes on my head.

ErgoPrism Loupes feature a roof pentaprism construction, which is both compact and provides outstanding magnification. The long optical length achieves higher magnification than traditional Galilean Loupes, and the bending of the image through the roof pentaprism eliminates the declination angle for better ergonomics.

What is the most significant difference between standard loupes and ErgoPrism Loupes?

The ErgoPrism allows the clinician a true and natural posture. After just 2 weeks of using them, I noticed that my neck, shoulders, and back were much more relaxed. I left the office more refreshed instead of strained.

Did you experience a learning curve while adjusting to this new visual approach?

I already used a microscope for certain procedures, so I was able to adapt very quickly. My hygienists and assistants also adapted within a week and now can't imagine going back to direct vision loupes.

How do the clarity, brightness, and weight compare to your other loupes?

The ErgoPrism Loupes paired with the ProLUX® headlight are surprisingly much lighter than my previous loupes. The clarity is far superior, especially with the ability to change the focus manually via the Vario WD feature.

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